LIVE REVIEW! Pallbearer - The Underworld, Camden

April 15, 2017

It always feels like we are going home when we end up at a show in London’s infamous Underworld. When you look back at the venues rich history and the important part it has always played in the UKs music scene, its hard not to feel like your part of something special whenever you see a band there. The only thing that makes today different is the lack of band son the bill. Its no biggie though because the two bands playing deserve to have that spotlight all to themselves.


Pinkish Black, a two piece from Texas have found themselves in the confines of the Underworld tonight. They are slow and droney and pretty much as mesmerizing as their name may suggest. It has those in attendance rocking back and forth with the flow of the mighty grove. It's almost tranquillizing and candescent with moments of grandeur as the guitars and drums get a little heavier in places but not too much mind! Be assured though. Those seeking 'heavy' are catered for well at times. It's suffice to say that there is a certain smell that rises through the venue and we'd be lying if we said that based on the sounds coming from Pinkish Black it wasn't appropriate. A match made in heaven judging by the faces of those who are complicit in such acts!

Pallbearer are the obvious draw here though and as if by magic a butt ton of people just appeared from out of nowhere! The band have a hectic schedule planned out in support of "Heartless" which was recently released through Nuclear blast records and regardless of the reach this tour will give them, the band clearly enjoys playing the infamous smaller venues such as the underworld. It doesn't take long for the band to get into the thick of it all with a doomy bang. A lot of bands make a big deal about how they start their show. Flashy lights. Video packages. Intro music. You name it, it's been done to death and it will continue to be. Pallbearer on the other hand skip the bells and whistles for pure musical quality as they begin with 'Thorns' one of the standout tracks taken from their latest album 'Heartless'.


Although this is a celebration, a tour in support of their latest record. The older stuff is not forgotten. 'Worlds Apart' brings something even more doomy and sinister to the stage with its slow and meaty tempo that is just wonderful live. And if that wasn't enough, the band end the set with both 'Foreigner' as well as 'Devoid Of Redemption', the two opening tracks from 2012s Sorrow & Extinction record that no doubt, to this day remains an important part of the Doom lovers catalogue.

Pallbearer are setting the bar high with not only their latest record but also with just how heavy the band are in their live show. We can guarantee if you’re not blown away by the experience, you’re not human.

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