REVIEW! Defeated Sanity - The Sanguinary Impetus

June 29, 2020

This review is going to talk about 2 things, firstly its going to talk about the new Defeated Sanity record The Sanguinary Impetus and secondly its going to be me telling you why Defeated Sanity are the best band in Death Metal at the moment.


So lets start with the album, The Sanguninary Impetus is the bands now 6th full length record. For those unfamiliar with Defeated Sanity you are not going to hear another cookie cutter Death Metal band. They have built their own mould and don’t have any limitations on how they will experiment with their craft. Take the Disposal of The Dead/Dhamata record where they wrote one half as pure bludgeoning Death Metal and one half as a progressive Death Metal record in the vein of Human era Death and Cynic as an example. Defeated Sanity went way out and if I’m honest the later side of the album which was completely different to anything else I have heard from the band flat out destroyed the more primitive side of the album. You don’t do that unless you have exceptional musical talent.


The Sanguinary Impetus returns to Defeated Sanity doing what they do best, which is combining sheer brute force with progressive technical precision, and not only combing them effectively but it sounds so natural that you would think it’s easy to do. Tracks like “Insecta Incendium” and my personal favourite “Propelled into Sacrilege” barrage through with monstrous riffs, punishing drums and pounding slams before breaking down into jazzy sections like its absolutely nothing. and tracks like the albums opener “Phytodigestion” bring that technical progressive element to the forefront of the songs structure. Founding Member Lille Gruber not only handles the drumming on the record but also handled guitar playing following guitar player Christian Kühn’s departure in 2019. Josh Welshman who joined the band in 2016 brings a ferocious display of monster vocals adding further power to this records dominating sound. And lets not forget bass player Jacob Schmidt who’s bass skills including some fantastic fills dominate the record and really add to both the sheer power and technical execution of the tracks.



So to the next point why Defeated Sanity are the best band in Death Metal. I can sum this up easily they are at the point where with 6 full length records it would be hard to pick a favourite out. The Sanguinary Impetus is another stellar addition that I think we can easily discuss and come up with a valid argument as to why it could be the best of their career. How many bands have that level of output? a good percentage of the larger more household names in Death Metal who have had outstanding careers have done it off the back of 2/3 albums of exceptional material with a lot of solid music in-between. Defeated Sanity do not settle for solid music, they go out of their way to craft breath taking musical experiences where they take elements from all over the Death Metal genre and blend it into utter perfection. 




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