REVIEW! Pyrrhon - Abscess Time

May 20, 2020

Pyrrhon are a New York based metal band and since 2008 when they formed have been composing their own twisted experimental take on the genre in the form of 7 official releases, and Abscess Time is the newest addition to to that total.


Pyrrhon encompass a variety of musical stylings throughout Abscess Time and it’s 12 tracks. Everything from harsh sounding noise rock, psychedelia, grindcore, a pinch of stoner with a heap of improvisation thrown in for good measure. What Pyrrhon have left the lister with the above mentioned elements is a well crafted piece of art, which brings all of the musical stylings together and has them flow and intermingle effortlessly together.


From the Abscess Time’s self titled opening track which the pounding drums are complimented by a pounding bass line to the records final track “Rat King Lifecycle” Pyrrhon keep the listener engaged by mixing the use of their elements throughout the songs. Be it tracks like “Down at Liberty Ashes” with its mixture of grindy psychedelic noise, “The Cost of Living” with subtle slow riffs which gradually evolve throughout the bulk of the tracks run time into a furious final 48 seconds. 


Abscess Time is fantastically crafted record. From the first note, at one point it’s extreme and then like nothing the tempo of the record flips 360 and then back again.


Pyrrhon blend of harsh heaviness, psychedelics and improvisation creates a unique listening experience which you won’t just find on any record.







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