REVIEW! The Wild - Still Believe in Rock and Roll

May 6, 2020

Any song that delivers the line barely a minute in ‘coz I’m looking for something or someone to fuck’, grabs my attention. Right off the bat I’m hooked in and there is no denying that The Wild!’s new album is going to be full throttle.


Called Still Believe in Rock And Roll you know what you’re getting and this is a four piece band spawned from AC/DC who had a child with Aerosmith and a love affair with Michael Monroe and they are going to give the middle finger to anyone suggesting rock n’roll is dead. A suggestion which has been lazily touted by music journalists since the mid 90s. Bands like The Wild! will set no flag down as they continue a genre of music that is running thick in their veins. It is the title track that contains said quote above and it truly is a high blast of good old fashioned but still very relevant rock n’roll.


Hailing from Vancouver Still Believe in Rock And Roll is The Wild’s 3rd album in 5 years and they have been, much like their music relentless since 2015. What will grab even an old school rock fan who has seen and heard it all is how damn fast the band play. You can tell already that they have spent thousands of hours in practice and on the road for what turns out to be their slickest, dirtiest album to date. Still need to know more about them? well check out the intro to their Facebook page which neatly sums it up- shooting guns, setting fires and shaking shacks with half-stacks make for the type of nights that separate the men from the boys and THE WILD!

Crazy (for you) no it’s not a Madonna cover, kicks off with a nice bass vibe whilst lead vocals work over time, this will be an interesting one to hear live, seriously. Vocals are shared within the band by Dylan Villain who is also on guitars and Lucas on bass. It’s a catchy tune.


Nothin’ Good Comes Easy is probably a personal favourite from the album. It just summarises what being a rock fan is all about. The song is able to take you from a festival hangover to a club hangover. And whilst nothing comes easy in life, the band are electric on this one. A Harley is the intro to High Speed, the title of the song and the motorcycle revving up explain this one.


Playing With Fire was the lead single and the band also have a video out, the song contains a very catchy riff and is instantly likeable. Whilst King of This Town is the new single, with a memorable lead up chorus.


Still Believe in Rock And Roll ends with Gasoline which is arguably the bands best effort, all three records combined. In a live setting it’s a get out your lighter moment (sorry phone), good deep lyrics and a very good tune, and runs in at six minutes which is a long one for these guys.


The Wild! were supposed to be visiting these shores as we speak, but of course 2020 sucks and all that. This album doesn’t and it will be a joy to hear these blistering tracks live. The world needs The Wild! because they could well be the torch bearers of rock n’roll as it heads into a new decade.




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