REVIEW! Devangelic - Ersetu

May 6, 2020

Devangelic’s new record and first release for the band through Willowtip see’s the band release Ersetu. Translating to Mesopotamian Underworld / Realm of the Dead in the Akkadian Language Ersetu is a concept record which is based on a Annunaki myth “Those who from Heaven to Earth Came” the myth talks of creation through human slavery, alien DNA and the legend of the great serpent. 


The first thing that stands out with Ersetu is how much Devangelic’s song writing has progressed and matured. The natural progression between the bands first and second albums has continued. The progression is subtle, Devangelic have stayed true to their style of barbaric riffs, blast beats and powerful guttural vocals and have added a new level of maturity. Tracks like Subterranean Revelations with its powerful atmospheric midsection and Throne Of Larvae which takes a furious section of blast beats and uses melody which really grabbed my attention. Along with this, tracks like Upon The Wrath Of Divinities give you that more straight up brutal death metal that fans of the band have come to expect.


Progression in the song writing aside Ersetu would not be the same without its foundation, and that foundation is a solid slab of brutal death metal. Devangelic have elevated their execution, the tracks flow seamlessly from start to finish, and track by track gel from the end of one and into the next. This elevation in the foundations of their sound along with the newer elements mentioned above has taken Devangelic from a band who release solid brutal death metal to a band who have the skill and precision to create genre defining brutal death metal records. 


One of the Devangelic’s primary influences is California legends Disgorge and Ersetu has the quality in its songwriting to stand up on a level with a records like She Lay Gutted and Consumed the Forsaken. Overall a top record which will leave you coming back to revisit time after time.




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