April 30, 2020


It wasn’t too long ago we were reviewing the first record by French band RIVIẼRE but as they say, time flies! The band are once again back with a follow up to 2017’s ‘Heal’ and its obvious from the get go we are watching the evolution of something special. 


Hailed as a concept-album and built as a phantasmagoric movie, from the first track ‘wordless’ to the eighth ‘take off’ the album tells the story of the aquatic journey of a soul which sinks, is reborn and rises, after having crossed dark lands, found its demons, confronted its fears; losing then reinventing itself from the darkness. the evocation of a journey both self-destructive and salutary, on leaving everything to reinvent oneself in other times, in other worlds.


It’s quite an ambitious concept, bold and imaginative and with that, the music itself does well to capture that imagination. ‘Wordless’ immediately captures the sounds of that aquatic journey previously mentioned providing quite the soundtrack that ‘New Ghost’ builds upon with each layer of the songs growing as each moment is introduced. 


Once we get to the half way point, ‘Deep Clear’ take a more melancholic approach, we can only speculate which part of the concept we are at. We have a pretty good idea but the great thing about concept albums is that its all somewhat open to interpretation. 


Passage is a collection of eclectic songs with a very cinematic feel most of the time. The band are trying new things here and its working. There are times where you can say you’ve never heard anything like it. There are also times where the band sound like they pulled their influences straight from a Biffy Clyro song. Don’t let that put you off however. The big moments in this album are just that and if the epic and monsterous ending of ‘Shapeless’ doesn’t do it for you then we don’t know what will. 


There’s something in this for everyone and you would be silly not to give it a try. Approach with an open mind and you’ll be just fine with this one. 




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