REVIEW! Malevolence – The Other Side EP

April 21, 2020

EP’s are funny things really. They either miss the mark completely and come across as a desperate attempt to keep a band out there whilst they work on bigger and better things, or they leave us wanting more, wishing that we had a full length instead. Its quite the latter with the new Malevolence EP ‘The Other Side’ that for most, will be pressing all the right buttons with the bands first new material since 2017’s ‘Self Supremacy’.


In truth, there may only be 3 tracks, but they’re huge and for those wanting to know what Malevolence is all about, may very well provide a good starting point for those new to the band. ‘Remain Unbeaten’ packs all things hardcore into three and a half short minutes. A clean intro makes way for huge groove filled riffs. Right off the bat, the band are not messing about. Expect to be solo moshing in your self-isolation location of choice. 


The title track however takes a different approach substituting riffs and breakdowns for atmosphere, melody and a monstrous chorus. Most probably would have preferred the continued onslaught and aggression found on the opener but ‘The Other Side’ shows a different dynamic to the band and its not half bad at all.


Things quickly close with ‘Keep Your Distance’ which finds itself returning to that aggressive Malevolence feel we’ve come to know at this point. Expect thick muddy riffs alternating between groove and thrash all topped off with an appearance by Bryan Garris of Knocked Loose fame who fittingly barks his way through his lines adding a nice touch to what is a perfectly adequate EP.




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