REVIEW! Gnaw Their Tongues - I Speak The Truth Yet With Every Word Uttered Thousands Die

April 13, 2020


Ok, Lets just address the situation head on, shall we?


Gnaw Their Tongues are once again back at it with ‘I Speak The Truth Yet With Every Word Uttered Thousands Die’ and once again this is not for the feint hearted. Quite frankly, the band have created 35 minutes of nothing but the sounds of absolute hell. Noisy hell. Its anything but pleasant and will likely leave you feeling rather exhausted and uncomfortable by the end.


But this is Gnaw Their Tongues, this is what they do, and they do it better than most who are brave enough to sit within the genre.


The band have once again returned to their roots leaving behind any semblance of ‘music’ as recognised by the mainstream. In truth, you'll have those who 'get' it and those who don't. What we do have here though is noise, sounds and feel, perfectly explored, perfectly executed with each track taking its place and proudly leaving its mark in the most intended of ways.


At times its terrifying, elevating the heartbeat with every surge of sound. At other times its dark and mysterious, oddly calm yet instilling a sense of unease with the introduction of each layer. With that said, its apparent that layers are a core component of the record just like their previous releases. Each song grows and grows. As each track progresses, layer upon layer of sounds are introduced morphing each one into an uncontrollable mashup of darkness, each one painting quite the picture. 


There are eight tracks in total but really, the story being told  here feels like one complete moment of expression rather than eight and if you reach the end be prepared to feel out of it for a few minutes. A sprint to the finish this is anything but anyone new to this kind of marathon will most certainly be asking the question of all questions…


What on earth did I just listen to? Some might say thats the whole point. 


Those well established with the work of Gnaw Their, Tongues, will once more be fulfilled. 


The truth this, this is not for everyone, and I don’t think Gnaw Their Tongues would have it any other way. For this is one that will have you feeling like you have just been chased by the devil once you come to hit that repeat button. And you will hit that button. You just don't realise it yet. 





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