REVIEW! Testament – Titans Of Creation

March 26, 2020

It feels as if it wasn’t that long ago that the Bay Area thrash titans dropped ‘Brotherhood Of The Snake’ yet here we are once again, talking about a new Testament record. 


‘Ttians Of Creation’ is due to drop on the 3rd of April and the band are once again bringing some serious slabs of thrash to the table just as everyone begins to feel the cabin fever of their corona virus lockdowns. The album is sure to keep some occupied for a hot minute indeed. 


Its safe to say that Testament are continuing to do what they do best. For those looking for something new and innovative, its perhaps best to look elsewhere. For those who want nothing more than balls to the wall thrash, then this one is for you because let’s face it, no one does Testament better than Testament. 


For the hardcore fans, there is a bit of everything here. Gene Hoglan once more takes up drum duties and keeps the thrash beats and double bass patterns alive and well as we are welcomed to ‘WWIII’, which gallops with speed and might into the apocalypse, a very apt soundtrack for current times. 


For those wanting riffs, Look no further. ‘Night Of The Witch’ has some of the coolest riffs on a record filled to the brim with Skolnick & Peterson giving us a masterclass for the ages throughout. And it doesn’t stop there as ‘Symptoms’ gives us some headbangingly (we know that’s not even a word)  wonderful moments that are undeniable while Chuck Billy spits some of his best lyrical patterns heard so far. 


On a twelve-song strong album, its obvious Testament have plenty of ideas and plenty of creativity left in the tank enough to warrant the regular releases we have been seeing. It wasn’t clear if we would be seeing the band back so soon after Brotherhood Of The Snake but Titans of Creation is a worthy follow up even if at times it struggles with sounding a little too familiar compared to its predecessors. But after thirteen studio albums, we can learn to forgive as we crack open a cold one and enjoy the outside views from inside. 


The potential soundtrack to the average metalheads quarantine? We certainly think so!


Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral





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