REVIEW! The Black Dahlia Murder – Verminous

March 17, 2020

The Black Dahlia murder are not messing about with their forthcoming slab of disgustingly heavy metal we have all come to know and love. Verminous sees the band return on tremendous form and its absolutely crammed with banger after banger, you’d be hard pressed to find a track that doesn’t have you feeling like you’re chewing on concrete. 


It’s a massive start as the title track gets us going. Alan Cassidy and his feet are put to work as expected with double bass drum patterns that will have you trembling in your seat. The track quite frankly sounds as evil as it can as big riffs fill the air effortlessly. It feels like a quick sharp attack to the beginning of an album that is relentless as soon as the play button has been pushed. 


When it comes to The Black Dahlia Murder however, ‘relentless’ is exactly what you’ve come to expect and there is nothing short of it when it comes to ‘Verminous’, with the title track a mere tater of what’s to come. Things refuse to ease up as ‘Godlessly’ kicks in with all its full paced savagery. This is not one for the feint hearted. Its zero to sixty in mere seconds and once it’s there, there’s nothing that could possibly get in its way, a common theme found throughout. 


‘Child Of Night’ takes a moment to substitute speed and tempo for sheer heaviness, at least for the first 15 seconds before riffs and blast beats fill the speakers. Sometimes its easy to wonder if the approach to writing a new Black Dahlia Murder record is to see how quickly you can exhaust the listener with sheer speed and ferocity. If this is the case, the band more than succeed for this is without a doubt, a sprint to the finish and we are only halfway through. 

The Black Dahlia Murder has created a monster in Verminous.


From its entirely filthy sounding album title to the music itself doing quite the job to back that up with each track sounding entirely evil throughout. ‘The Wereworm’s Feast’ comes armed to the teeth with groove but that doesn’t mean it sounds any less evil than anything that came before it. The band here have perfected the art they’ve become synonymous with. Its expertly crafted and executed. This is The Black Dahlia Murder and they are quite frankly sounding more monstrous than ever.




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