REVIEW! Dripback – Blessed With Less Than Nothing

March 17, 2020

Its hard to place Dripback as we make our way through their forthcoming EP ‘Blessed With Less Than Nothing’. Their furious mashup of hardcore & death metal may sound like something that has been done to death previously (and it has), but where others may have failed, Dripback are succeeding. 


Rather than making noise just for the sake of it, Dripback have managed to put together five well crafted tracks that, in all honesty, fuses more than just hardcore and death metal. If fact, it would be a disservice for us to try and lump them into something specific. In the relatively short play time of ‘Blessed With Less Than Nothing’, we hear many genre influences including grindcore, some good old crusty punk and much more. 


The title track begins with whirring guitars and some slow thumping drums. It’s a big introduction to Dripback met with quite the tempo change as things really kick in. Aggressive punky undertones with guttural vocals are met with some serious metal groove half way through. It’s quite a statement made especially when we get our first dose of blast beats. Sure, on paper, it could sound like a mess, but honestly, all you really need to know is that it works and its heavy as f***.


Speaking of heavy, there are some serious riffs happening in ‘Forked Toungues’. This is where Dripback get you. There are plenty of moments pure savagery, noise that could stand toe to toe with the best in the grindcore scene, but those moments where its scaled back and carried by the biggest riff of the song are where Dripback are at their best with some heavy hitting song making moments thick in all of its guitar glory. They’re found throughout and even more so as ‘Lack Of Substance’ really gets going. 


Dripback have come at us with what we can only assume to be a taster of things to come. If this is the first 18 months, we shudder to think what comes next. Keep a close eye on this one folks. 




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