LIVE REVIEW! Testament, Exodus & Death Angel – Kentish Town Forum, London

March 10, 2020

For the love of all things Thrash Metal, The Kentish Town forum has probably never been treated to such delights as on this night, three legendary bay area acts take to the stage to deliver a full assault to the senses at 110 miles per hour. It’s a sold out Friday night in London, and its never looked so good. 


Death Angel are an absolute delight to watch first as they, quite frankly manage to hit a home run. Could it be the excitement in the air with it being the weekend? Those in the crowd are feeling lose with their giant beers and it doesn’t take long for bodies to start flowing over the barrier. With the room plenty full for them, Death Angel are relentless and uncompromising as they give everything to what could potentially be the best London crowd, they find themselves in front of. To think, we are only just getting started is a scary thought indeed. Mark Segued effortlessly riles the crowed up and wants everyone to prove tonight that they are at a Thrash Metal show as they approach the end of their set. The crowed need not be asked twice. 

Things are amplified somewhat and the energy in the room reaches new heights as Exodus take to the stage having their axeman Gary Holt returned to them after he was borrowed by Slayer for their final tour. It wasn’t too long ago we saw Exodus in London but there is something about Holt being back as well as the pairing with Testament that makes the energy quite unfathomable with massive excitement in the air. We live in troubling times right now but in


their room, on this night, you would think otherwise. Exodus are as wonderful here as we all wanted them to be. ‘Blood In, Blood Out’, ‘Bonded By Blood’, ‘The Toxic Waltz’, you name it, they are all there in the setlist which may not be the longest, but quality over quantity is clearly the name of the game here as the band deliver quite the performance. 


Its Testament however, with it being their night, that have of course come armed with not only a killer setlist but quite the stage set up. As one of the security guards pointed out, their stage design for this tour is quite the work of art and only fitting as the band look to release their thirteenth studio album ‘Titans Of Creation’.

It’s a 16 song strong setlist that boasts some of the bands mightiest of thrash numbers with The New Order well represented making up five songs of the set. Its clear however that the room are not looking that deep into things however as things get started. Bodies continue to flow over the barrier at quite the pace. The thrash metal show is


now redlining from song number 1 and continues all the way through to ‘Disciples Of The Watch’ which ultimately closes what can only be described as a warzone in the mosh pit. 


Testament have been quite frequent on these shores and with each and every visit, the show seems to take on a whole new level. Its exciting times for the band who are on the eve of releasing yet a new album. With no signs of slowing down, Testament continue to take on the world but more importantly, they continue to win with every night they play. Tonight, the bay area did indeed strike back, but it was the fans that won. 




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