REVIEW! Body Count - Carnivore

February 26, 2020

The sounds of whirring sirens fill the speakers as guitar feedback ominously hovers over the top. With every forthcoming stab of the drums, you know you’re inching your way closer to the meaty riffs of non other than Body Count. The band is back once more with ‘Carnivore’ and as usual, they’ve bought a few friends along with them. 


Its the title track that gets pumps things into gear. Plenty of roaring riffs and plenty of Ice T spitting venom once more as ‘Carnivore’ acts as an aggressor and a small taste of whats to come. The first of the guests to do their thing on carnivore comes in the form of roaring Texan Riley Gale of Power Trip Fame as he screams his parts on ‘Point The Finger’ with absolute ease giving us one of the more savage tracks on the album early on.  


‘Another Level’ features Hatebreeds very own Jamey Jasta, a man who has been incredibly busy as of late especially with a new Hatebreed album on the way. Its a mid tempo slab of rapping verses Jameys hate-filled signature shout that acts the jam in our donut. Its slow, its heavy and theres plenty of spit for everyone. 

Theres a moment of paying homage as Ice T so eloquently puts it before the band breaks into their cover of the album. It comes in the form of Ace Of Spades. Its a fun nod to Motorhead obviously even if the end result is mostly forgettable and in turn becomes the skippable track of what is a solid collection of songs. You could be forgiven for thinking that ‘No Remorse’ offered much of the same but instead of a sub par cover of Metallicas track of the same title, instead what we get is a choppy and chunky dose of heaviness the band know how to do all to well at this point in their career. 


Amy Lee of Evanescence fame is our last of the guests on ‘carnivore’ and adds an inevitable feel of mid 2000’s nu metal and whilst the mashup of this and Body Count rap metal fuses together nicely, its all sounding just a little tad dated. That being said though, Body Count have been Body Count for as long as we can remember. Sure, there are songs here that feel as though we have heard them many times previous, but it would be criminal not to call out the undeniable moments of cool heavy and groove filled metal that will have most head-banging in a heartbeat. And there are plenty of them making this a very enjoyable listen indeed.





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