REVIEW! Bonded - Rest In Violence

February 14, 2020

In 2018, veterans of Thrash Bernemann Kost and Markus (Makka) Freiwald bid farewell to Sodom and began making noise with Chris Tsitsis (ex Suicidal Angels), Ingo Bajonczak (ex Assassin) and Marc Hauschild and "Rest in Violence" is their first full length, compacting all that experience into a diamond debut which is thrash to the core.

The first track "Godgiven" immediately establishes that this old school thrash sound has been given a more modern edge with Markus on drums and he and Marc steer this beast to a sound that's not just 'Bonded', it's beautifully constructed, brutal with hard edged and varied vocals, crunchy rhythms, dense riffs, huge hooks and damn, those little squeals give me goosebumps. "Suit Murderer" is precise and would be a worthy soundtrack to any frantic paced apocolyptic nightmare and on the equally hard hitting title track we're treated to Overkill's Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth on vocals and former Kreator’s Christian "Speesy" Giesler on bass guitar. "Je Suis Charlie" is a lot groovier despite the sober subject it tackles, and "The Rattle and The Snake" is just as punchy, featuring a cheeky bit of harmonica to boot.


This album steers you from neck breaking brutality, to smooth slow head nodding as it swings between relentless thrash metal and melodic mayhem with a heavy dose of classic southern groove thrown in, only stepping away to offer a slower tempo on "No Cure for Life" and "Where Silence Reverberates" where a hint of melodramatic prog appears giving both a different darker depth and mood.


"Galaxy M87" is fast, catchy and solid and with Ingo's screams on "Arrival" I can only conclude that a demon has been summoned somewhere. "The Outer Rim" breaks you in gently, gives you a last taste of their melodic side and then speeds up just enough to close the album in a manner that has me firmly believing that "Rest in Violence" has something to offer Thrashers old and new alike and on my own personal scale of air riffing, face pulling and horn throwing this album scores highly on all three.




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