REVIEW! The Good the Bad and the Zugly - Algorithm & Blues

February 13, 2020

Those crazy crusty Norweigians are back at it again it seems. This time it comes in the form of Hardcore punk rockers The Good the Bad and the Zugly with a huge record to kickstart your 2020. Whilst Algorithm & Blues may have already hit shelves, it may not have hit your radar yet which in itself is a damn shame. If this sound  like you, stop what you are doing, put down that magazine that still insists on talking about the bands of thirty years ago, and go check this one out immediately. 


The Good the Bad and the Zugly are here with another refreshing take on the hardcore punk genre, something Norway is nailing right now. Catchy hooks and crusty riffs are the name of the game here. Think Bokassa meets Turbonegro. If you’re not walking away from this one with at least a lick stuck in your head, you’re not playing it loud enough. 


‘Welcome to the Great Indoors’ pays homage to those about to rock with an intro that could very well be mistaken for AC/DC, the treat here however is when it really gets going with its anthem like guitar work and vocal patterns. Its only track one, but it only takes half of it to realise that this is to be played loud, very very loud. 

The band are toying with the thin line between punk and black metal riffs initially with ‘Fake Noose’ and its groove filled verses before giving us more anthemic moments that are continued in ‘Staying with the Trouble’ and its group chanting and catchy choruses. Its almost one of those feel good punk rock hits found frequently on a Turbonegro record. 


There are plenty of moments in this record that will have you singing along either to the record or the live show. Again, theres a continuous theme of super catchy choruses throughout that is undeniable. ‘The Man Behind the (Oxygen) Mask a prime example here and keeps the momentum up through its pace and melody.


Algorithm & Blues is a really accessible album. One of those that is super easy to pick up and enjoy even if the genre isn’t quite your thing. It’s really difficult to not be all in come the half way mark. For those that are this way inclined when it comes to genres, you’re in for a real treat and even then, for those with a more limited view on music, you might just find your new favourite album in one of your least expected places. 








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