LIVE REVIEW! Sabaton - Wembley Arena, London

February 12, 2020

One could quite easily say that right now, Sabaton are at the peak of their career. After the success of last years ‘The Great War’, This year has seen the band play one of their biggest shows yet, Live at Wembley Arena and to say the band have come armed to the teeth with some serious support power would be an understatement. 


While Sabaton may not be for everyone there is no denying their underlying messages. Here is a band that have constantly heralded the heroes of war, but not the known figures you have learned about from the year dot, but the ones that have gone mostly unknown. In that there is something rather special to take away from the power metal band. And that’s just it, Sabaton have become more than just a band with a fantastic stage show, high value production songs and meaningful lyrics. They are in essence a group that deliver you a history lesson.


Tonight is no different. Upon entering the arena, one could be forgive for being taken back by the stage props. There are pillars with bullet holes in, barbed wire, you name it. There has been some serious thought put into the stage props and whilst upon initial view, its seems impressive, nothing can quite compare it to when the band hit the stage to see it in all of its glory.


Its a big stage production for an even bigger setlist with only those mammoth Sabaton songs that seem to resonate with the sea of Sabaton shirts that fill the arena. Its ‘The Great War’ that fills the set mostly and quite rightfully so. ’82nd All The Way’,  ‘Great War’ & ‘The Attack Of the Dead Men’ are all huge all while the return of one of the nights supports , Apocalyptica join the band on stage to break things up. It is as epic as it sounds and an honourable mention goes out to ‘Fields of Verdum’


There are distant memories of Sabaton playing one of their biggest UK shows at Bloodstock. Most walked away thinking it wouldn’t get any bigger. Truth is, had you asked most casuals back then if you could see the band selling out Wembley, you’d laugh in the face of those who even entertained the idea. But then along came ‘The Great War’ in the summer of 2019 and the rest, quite frankly, is history. 





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