REVIEW! Kreator - London Apocalypticon

February 4, 2020


Nine days before Christmas, 2018 metal Gods Kreator brought their Gods of Violence tour to London. Playing at the historic Roundhouse in Camden- the spiritual home of music in the capital was a sight to behold. The show was simply fantastic, but then again have Kreator ever played a bad one? They remain one of the very few bands who can play in front of 2,000 sold out sweaty fans and make it seem like you are watching a show more than just a club gig. Their performances feel like an arena size band, high production, brilliant stages, fires blazing -Kreator are the real deal.


At the back end of last year news broke that the band would be releasing a live album and had hand picked their London show to release. To whet our appetite’s we were given live video footage of ‘Satan is Real’, that was a nice early Christmas present as we longed for this release.


Upon the first seconds of listening to London Apocalypticon you are reminded why you were never tempted to join the mass of fans who attempt to record bits of the show with their phones. Rob Zombie had a rant about phones live on stage during his US tour last summer and listening to this it all seems very justified. Why not live the moment and wait for a proper professional release, because this is so crystal clear it is mind blowing.


You know the members of Kreator do their jobs to perfection but a release such as this just emphasises that fact. Jurgen Reil’s drumming is simply unreal, when ‘Enemy of God’ kicks in I am quite sure that fans in Kreator’s home town of Essen would have heard Reil’s thundering drums from London that night. Christian Giesler’s unmistakeable bass rings throughout the show, his long hanging bass and stares out into the crowd will be missed. Giesler was replaced by Frenchman Frederic Leclercq at the end of last year. In some ways then, this release is a parting of ways after a quarter of a century with the band, we bid you auf wiedersehen.

Guitarist Sami Yli-Sirnio and singer/guitarist Mille Petrozza work off each other so well and this release just confirms how incredible Kreator are. It is a fans wish list the songs that are belted out in the great Roundhouse whose acoustics do the band thrash sound such justice. Along with old classics it is natural that the bulk of the gig has songs from latest studio release Gods of Violence and four of them appear here in the form of ‘Satan is Real’, ‘Gods of Violence’, ‘Hail to the Hordes’ and ‘Army of Storms’. The first three of those tracks are already being hailed as classics and they are barely three years old. Of course there is the ‘Flag of Hate’ moment and hating has never felt so good when Petrozza is at the mic and waving the flag. 


London Apocalypticon is a truly mega release and depending on what format you pick up you will also receive the bands show they played in Chile. To which we are sure you will all agree this live release is truly eviscerating aural perfection.


Catch Kreator on tour with Lamb of God starting in March throughout Europe with special guests Power Trip.


Kreator- London Apocalypticon live at the Roundhouse is released on February 14th through Nuclear Blast Records















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