REVIEW! Sylosis - Cycle Of Suffering

January 14, 2020

I am not a violent man. In fact to be honest with you, I quite like to think I am alright, a big softie some might say. But the first time giving ‘Cycle Of Suffering’ a spin,  I found myself wanting to punch the first thing I saw. Not through anger or hate for the record, far from it actually but through sheer aggression and excitement. 


It just so happened that the first thing I saw within my vicinity was my cat. Thats right folks, this new album got things so god damn pumped up that it made me want to punch cats. How on earth do you even begin to put that into perspective? 


Its been a few years since we last saw Sylosis on the scene and many thought we perhaps wouldn’t be seeing them again with mastermind Josh Middleton joining Architects on guitar duties after the tragic loss of Tom Searle. Fast forward a few years and we have what could potentially be one of modern metals masterpieces. 


Cycle Of Suffering brings all of those perfect Sylosis moments we have come to know and love and crams them into one 12 song strong stunner of an album that could very well be the bands greatest to date. 


It all begins with ‘Empty Prophets’ and its thunderous intro of riffs and drums that opens wide into the the thrashiest of thrash moments. Nothing is left out here. Riffs, double bass and Josh with his Chuck inspired solos are all back and as beautiful as ever. Its a big statement and an even bigger opener to an album that needed one. 



The little added extras of perfection comes in the well crafted and well placed melodic moments that come in every song. They’ve become a staple in the bands song writing.  ‘ I sever’, the first of the tracks to surface for the album showcases this perfectly. Some of the most heavy riffing on the album paired with the final minute of the track boasts a moment of absolute epic filled with melody and emotion sure to raise hairs on the back of most.


The band aren’t just good here, they are exceptional. No filler to be seen in any shape or form. ‘Shield’ is expertly crafted from start to finish with one of the catchiest chorus melodies you’ll likely hear all year. Things are topped off with ‘Abandon’. Its a slower take on things and likely not the finisher you were perhaps expecting. Melodic clean vocals and guitar eventually becoming  huge chunky sounds and screams almost Opeth inspired at times and the biggest ending to quite an epic adventure. This is modern metal at its finest, pushing those boundaries and setting the bar to an almost unobtainable level. 




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