Cutting Teeth - Fracture/Decompose

November 18, 2019


More new and top quality hardcore hitting the shelves soon very much inspired  by the likes of Every Time I Die, Cancer Bats and Converge. Cutting Teeth formed in 2018 and have already amassed an impressive live CV having played shows alongside Bleed From Within, Loathe, Lotus Eater, Parting Gift and Modern Error. The band are quickly gaining a reputation for their frantic, energetic, and passionate live show, something very much replicated on their forthcoming EP ‘Fracture/Decompose’.


One thing  that jumps out at the listener immediately is the level of technical guitar work on ‘Blistered’, the opening track. Its something not often heard in throughout the hardcore genre and is a refreshing pairing with many of the great riffs found in the opening three minutes. The production is working wonders for the band as thumping drums introduce ‘Diathesis’. Many can fall into the trap of having absolute pristine production. Cutting Teeth are making use of a more grit filled crusty sound and it’s superb allowing them to potentially stick out from the rest of the genres releases this year.  


‘Muscle Memory’ gives us one of the many moments throughout reminding us of a much missed Oathbreaker, again, its the guitar work and drums that do it. Cutting Teeth are creating some memorable tracks and it feels as if this is the foundations being laid for something much bigger in the future. 


The darker, edgier side of Hardcore has been doing well for the last few years, and Fracture/Decompose is definitely following the same formula that’s served other bands well in the past. With only 6 tracks, we find ourselves pressing that play button all too quickly to start the EP over again. This is simply another great band in a scene that is absolutely thriving at the moment. and ‘Fracture/Decompose’ is a more than worthy addition to any connoisseurs collection of angry and chaotic hardcore. 



















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