REVIEW! Timeworn - Leave The Soul For Now

November 10, 2019


Theres something so fun about the discovery of new bands found in various corners of the earth that effortlessly demands the listeners attention from the moment the play button is pressed. Once more, Norway seems to continue to be a hotbed of musical action that this time comes in the form of Timeworn. 


Timeworn has been delivering a solid mix of sludge, hardcore energy and post-metal atmosphere since 2014 and have cemented themselves as a hard-hitting player both at home and abroad. Both the first two albums ‘Luminescent Wake’ (2014, Disiplin Media) and ‘Venomous High’ (2017, Fysisk Format) were met with praise from both the media and audiences alike.


“Leave the Soul for Now” sees Timeworn expanding furthermore on their already majestic sound, documenting a band with a strong artistic vision and deep affinity to the heritage of punk, metal and all things heavy, but also incorporating intricate melodies. “Leave the Soul for Now” showcases an ever-expanding band who is never afraid of pushing the boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. 


‘Sky Castles’ wastes absolutely no time in filling our speakers with almost 6 minutes of atmosphere and groove. Its an incredibly strong start .Theres plenty of melody but make no mistake, the heavy moments something else entirely. Expertly paired with riffs chunkier enough to give the likes of Neurosis a run for their money. The mix of styles works well track by track with the band seamlessly transitioning between sludge and hardcore styles without things becoming out of place. This is expertly crafted metal executed with finesse. 



Fans of Baroness will have no trouble finding some familiarity on the more melodic moments found on the album. Whiilst Timeworn have those big heavy moments with riffs and screaming galore, there are definitely shades of John Blaizley. ‘Count The Crosses is a prime example of such melody and once more, it works perfectly with the songs heavier moments. The intricacies found in the guitars with the overlaying  melodic vocals once more show that Timeworn are more than just a one trick pony. 


‘Oblivion Seeker’ continues to showcase the bands multidimensional songwriting. The juxtaposition of both heavy hardcore and sludge with the hooks found in the chorus makes this one of the most exciting moments on the album full of huge musically brilliant moments. 


Its always an exciting day when you manage to make it all the way through a new release without stopping or turning it off. ‘Leave The Soul For Now’ will not only have you sitting down excited to be a music fan but it will have your attention for as long as you want it now. This is definitely all killer and absolutely no filler. 










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