INTERVIEW! Implore talk all things 'Alienated Despair'

October 29, 2019


Its been a strong year for Implore who whave just seen the release of their album 'Alienated Despair'. Having been quite the regular in our playlists since release, we just couldnt pass on an opportunity to have a quick chat about the album. 


Alienated Despair is Implore’s third album and it hits with the ferocity of a hurricane and doesn’t let up for its thirty-one minute run-time. It’s a brutal half-hour too, with the intensity level being set within the opening few seconds of Faculties of Time, a barrage of drums and swirling guitars, laying down a death-grind and hardcore-punk platform over which vocalist, Gabriel Dubko, spits bile.Despite the immense power of each track, there is never a time when Alienated Despair feels repetitive. The new album is out! How’s the release been? Hopefully plenty of interest, it's a great album. 


Thank you so much! The release show was really good, it was in Munich and was the first date of the European tour, we were super pumped about it and it was exciting to see the people’s response. We haven’t played a headliner tour since May 2017, was satisfying to experience more of expectance from the crowd. Three albums deep into Implore with what seems like the noisiest and most angsty album yet - Tell us more about the writing process and its biggest influences? There are almost hints of crusty punk undertones in places and we love it! 


For this album we just wrote songs, however they came out. We didn’t calculate or measure anything, we just puked all out and then we selected the track-list once the songs were recorded. I think it’s a very honest album and it’s 100% ourselves. There was no censorship or second thoughts. We wrote what we felt. For those who are new to the world of Implore - What can one expect from Alienated Despair? 


It’s a new turn of the page, we improved in songwriting, lyrics and knowing exactly what direction we want to go sound-wise. There’s still a long way to go, but we are starting to define ourselves better. You had Tomas Lindberg guest on "Never Again", how did that come about? Must be a huge stamp of approval. 


When we wrote the song I immediately thought of having Tomas as guest vocalist, the song has a lot of “Disfear” vibe, and I could really see it fitting 100% well. I got the email through Century Media and he liked the song, so he agreed on working with us. We’ve also seen a couple of videos released from the new album which do a good job of visually representing the sound of Implore - what were, if any, the creative thought processes put into these videos?


I would like to give you a thoughtful artsy fartsy answer, but the reality is “Never Again” was supposed to be a lyric video and ended up being an official videoclip for the song. Our buddy Jakub did it for us cause he likes the band.


The videoclip of “Parallax” was also done in almost no time and no budget. Both video-clips are really good since we really didn’t have too much planned for them. You’re currently part way through a Europe run of tour dates - How are the shows going? We notice there's no London date yet... Any chance of a UK show in the near future? 


For us much as we like the UK crowd, it’s really hard to tour there. We are hoping next year we will make it in a good touring package. But all in all going there alone is a financial risk and we have to make sure we play for some audience. Whats next for the band? I imagine you’re planning some festivals come the summer? Anymore new music on the way? 


We are touring the Baltic countries and Scandinavia in November, we haven’t been to Scandinavia since 2014, which was our second tour ever. And we never played in the Baltic countries so we are very excited about seeing a new part of Europe. We are working on the USA visas for 2020 so hopefully we will manage to tour the US many times next year and there are some Open Air festivals that already showed interest on us, but we can’t reveal anything yet ;)


We have some out-takes from previous recordings that we were considering to make an EP or a Split, but nothing took a serious shape yet. 

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