REVIEW! The Great Old Ones - Cosmicism

October 25, 2019


When Howard Phillips Lovecraft sat down at his desk in the summer of 1926 and penned his seminal work of cosmic horror 'The Call of Cthulhu', little could he have known of the massive influence it would later have on science fiction, horror literature, film and even heavy metal music. Having created not just a handful of short stories but an entire mythos, Lovecraft provided a deep well from which to draw further inspiration, and it is from this venerable provenance that Bordeaux-based The Great Old Ones' musical works spring forth. 


Ever since Metallica sang "He watches, lurking beneath the sea, great old one” on 'The Thing That Should Not Be' in 1986, heavy metal musicians have been captivated by Lovecraft's well-respected works, and The Great Old Ones have decided to pick up that torch and run with it, dedicating the entirety of their musical output to creating atmospheric black metal themed on the lurking, eldritch horrors of the Cthulhu mythos.


TGOO's fourth full-length continues in that same vein with song titles such as 'Cosmic Depths', 'Lost Carcosa' and 'Nyarlathotep', unleashing seven tracks of accursed terror and madness upon the listener.



After the beautiful and eerie intro 'Cosmic Depths', 'The Omniscient' is unleashed like a river from a broken dam, cascading and gushing with walls of sound. But there is control behind this power - TGOO contrast the heaviness with softer moments, brooding spoken words and acoustic guitar work, all helping to build the atmosphere to a crescendo.

Eleven minute epic 'A Thousand Young' conjures images of the apocalypse, the elder gods' final arrival on earth to bring an abrupt halt to our species' short reign over this world, a swirling maelstrom of sound announcing our end.


Closer 'Nyarlathotep' bookends our doom at the hands of the things that should not be with its reduced pace, heavier guitars and brooding bass. The soundtrack to our destruction as the unseen, unknown things watch from the dark corners of the room.


Cosmicism is another solid addition to TGOO's cosmically cursed catalogue, a forbidden journey into the depths of chaos and madness, a midnight fever-dream of otherworldly elder gods and monsters. TGOO are a leading light in eerie, atmospheric and progressive black metal, and Cosmicism is a beautiful piece of dark art that deserves a place in your collection.








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