REVIEW! Pist - Hailz

October 24, 2019

Pist, a name of a band that you’d be forgiven in assuming were a one trick pony or just some generic metalcore band with nothing rememberable about them. Upon listening to the new album ‘hailz’, I’ll tell you something, I'm glad was wrong. Pist is a four piece doom/stoner band from Manchester and this is their second album in what can be considered the early stages in their career. 


Its an album that gets down to business immediately with some amazing head banging riffs giving nods to some of the old school guys like Sabbath and Sleep along the way. Don't be fooled though as there are some brutal black metal riffs thrown in for good measure to keep you on your feet. Finally theres a little sprinkle of the old 80's British scene in their riffs to create an eclectic variation of sound throughout. 


Mixing sub genres is always an interesting thing and something plenty get wrong. While incorporating shades of both doom and black metal may sound like a potential headache for the listener, Pist manage to combine them ever so elegantly making some very memorable moments throughout. 


The vocals have got a surprising variation and a similar style to Mastodons Troy Sanders. From majestic clean all the way up to low and high harsh vocals pairing itself with black metal once more with the drumming and bass playing complimenting the tracks amazingly making the band sound tight and brutal.


There are multiple stand out moments on ‘Hailz’ but one mention in particular must go to the second track "wreck" which showcases the bands pinnacle dark and beastly sounds best early on and a fine reason not to miss this one.







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