REVIEW! Bölzer – Lese Majesty

October 15, 2019

It's been a little while since Bölzer graced our ears with any new material, having not released anything (other than contributing a single track to a split in 2017) since 2016's well-received debut album 'Hero'. Despite having only released one LP so far, Bölzer are somewhat prolific at producing EPs, and “Lese Majesty” will be no less than their fourth extended play since 2012. What's on offer here is four tracks of Bölzer's trademark sound, which somewhat defies easy categorisation and doesn't quite neatly fit into any particular genre, other than the loose genre of 'extreme metal'. Bölzer have said that the meaning behind the band name is "a powerful force or blow or strike that has no regard for the consequences or the repercussions”, “a chaotic strike of energy”, “a force of chaos", and to be honest, that's a pretty apt description of their music itself.


Opener 'A Shepherd In Wolven Skin' is atmospheric, esoteric and exhilarating, a sonic blast of rebellion and chaos, a winding journey through Bölzer's carefully crafted soundscapes, with multiple variations in tempo and density throughout its nine minute playing time.


'Into The Temple of Spears' charges relentlessly forward, scything its way through all in its path, imperial and triumphant.


Imaginatively titled closer 'Ave Fluvius! Danu By Praised' is a twelve minute epic that really shows off everything Bölzer do best. Captivating and esoteric, seething with aggression and intensity, a masterclass in original and thought-leading extreme metal.


'Lese Majesty' is the sound of a band who are unafraid to tread their own path, bucking trends and embracing the spirit of free and independent thought. 'Lese Majesty' is a true expression of chaos and intensity, well-made but rough enough around the edges to feel primal and powerful, chaotic and cosmic, beautiful yet deadly, and yet another solid EP under Bölzer's battle-worn belt.













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