LIVE REVIEW! Uprising - O2 Academy, Leicester

September 20, 2019

We arrive in Leicester today on the back end of summer. The outdoor summer festivals are done and dusted and we have the winter touring season to look forward to, and what a season that is shaping up to be. But whilst we wait for the action to kick off there is a lull in proceedings for a few weeks, and one which organisers of Uprising hope to fill! 

Uprising is a small scale indoor festival in Leicester. Two stages at the O2 Academy in the city will play host to the days frivolities which are ultimately headlined by the gods of grind, Napalm Death.

Early doors see's a plethora of bands alternate on the two stages. Seven Hells stand out; loud, aggressive, brash and in your face, whilst Resin brought their orchestral accompanied grunge back to their home town following a triumphant Bloodstock performance. The Darkhorse are an absolute joy early on the second stage with their noisy sludgy doom battering our senses. Similarly Krysthla on the main stage, far too low down the bill for their rising stature, gave an aggressively perfect performance.


The first of the big names to hit the main stage were Acid Reign, the UK thrashers have been back on the scene for a few years now but next week their first album in 29 years drops. The ever popular thrashers are the first to get the most pit going in anger, 'Humanoia' ringing out as limbs flail in the circle pit. H ever the whirlwind on stage as the band power through their short set. Paul's commanding figure riffing in anger as H launches himself from the top of a speaker stack and into the crowd. One hell of a performance and one that will be hard to beat on the day.

OHHMS on the second stage have to follow that, the smaller room packed for their progressive doom with enthrallingly meaningful lyrics. Paul Waller's hypnotic dance and mesmerising vocals sucking you into the awesome performance.

Death metal super group (of sorts) Memoriam are next on the main stage. Karl (Bolt Thrower) and Frank (Benediction) combine with the aggression on guitars that is Scott Fairfax. Memoriam offer a no frills approach to their music and their performance. It's to the point brutal death metal, bruising your ribs and crushing your soul and we loved every minute of it.



To close out its the ever reliable Napalm Death, through multiple decades, line up changes and heartache, the grind ensemble have come through adversity stronger and more powerful. Barney, much like H earlier in the day, is an absolute whirlwind on stage as he devastatingly destroys our ears.

The band have just over an hour for their headline set and they are quick off the mark with their opening songs. The venue is at capacity as they plough through a thunderous set. The Birmingham based noise machine that is Napalm Death have given Uprising a suitable send off. A day of highlighting the best the UK has to offer in extreme music, Uprising's forth edition has been a roaring success.

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