REVIEW! Implore - Alienated Despair

September 12, 2019

Alienated Despair is multi-national Implore’s third album and it hits with the ferocity of a hurricane and doesn’t let up for its thirty-one minute run-time. It’s a brutal half-hour too, with the intensity level being set within the opening few seconds of Faculties of Time, a barrage of drums and swirling guitars, laying down a death-grind and hardcore-punk platform over which vocalist, Gabriel Dubko, spits bile.Despite the immense power of each track, there is never a time when Alienated Despair feels repetitive.


There’s plenty of groove-laden breakdowns to mix up the aggression; on the track Parallax, Implore hit with some brutal death metal style vocals, in the Suffocation-vein, above a heavy guitar and drum without eschewing the low end groove. Here, as elsewhere, the juxtaposition of heavy, grinding music and vocal, with the respite of downbeat breakdowns, allow Implore to explore the heavier end of the musical spectrum.



The band move into more death metal territory during the tracks like All is Not Lost is Long Forgotten, The Venom Comes in Droves and Despondency but never stray too far from the over-arching ethos of Alienated Despair. There is a brief moment on All is Not Lost is Long Forgotten when Eduard Petrolillo’s guitar spirals and threatens to spin out of control but the tautness of the rhythm section reign it back.

At the Gates front man, Tomas Lindberg lends his voice to Never Again and Let the Pleasure Destroy Me is a dissonant guitar played over staccato drums with a strained vocal and, although not wholly out of place on the album, does provide even more texture to the record.

Alienated Despair is short and aggressive, but packed full of musical ideas which never seem to become stale. That Implore manage this without resorting to atmospheric intros, interludes or outros is a testament to their creative abilities. If Implore haven’t previously been on your radar and you like your music in-your-face and free of bullshit then do yourself a favour and check out Alienated Despair. You’ll be glad you did!




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