REVIEW! Mgła - Age Of Excuse

September 5, 2019

It wasn’t too long ago we were heralding the kings of Black Metal, Mgła, who having released ‘Exercises In Futilty’ were standing high, mighty and completely untouchable. Even up until now, we were wondering how on earth it would be topped as an album that would stand the test of time in a genre absolutely packed full of quality. 


And then came the ‘Age Of Excuse’.


In typical Mgła style, the ’Age Of Excuse’ release date was kept mostly quiet. Its release would be whenever the band decides. For those die hard fans keeping a close ear to the ground, this wasn’t a surprise and also something seen with Kriegsmaschine - A side project featuring members of MGLA. And so it would be a random Monday evening, the world found out there was a new Mgła album to devour! 


‘Age Of Excuse’ is an album not so much different from its predecessor. With all the features of an Mgła album we have come to know and love. The guitar melodies are simplistic yet gritty making this a Black Metal album that is very easy to pick up even for the most casual of fans. Don’t let that fool you though, however accessible this may seem, theres a very sinister and nihilistic undertone to the whole thing that only Mgła know how to pull off.  Our opening track begins with sounds that can only be described as crunching/grinding teeth, before the big introduction of riffs and vocals that are the most evil the band have ever sounded. 



Its ‘Age Of Excuse III’ where the pace and execution really come to fruition however with possibly one of the best songs the band have produced yet on any album.  Everything here feels like its redlining. The drums, the riffs, the lyrics. It feels early on that theres a destination in mind and its speed and ferocity is driving us straight to the darkest depths of the world where all the worst kinds of things dwell. It really is quite a journey, one you shouldn’t be too keen on repeating, yet we found ourselves going straight back for more. 


In fact, thats a common theme seen with the last three albums the band have but out. We find ourselves hitting that repeat button once its all said and done and ‘Age Of Excuse’ is no different. These are well thought out songs, almost intricate in the way they are crafted yet simplistic in their execution to the point where you can feel them when listening. ‘Age Of Excuse VI’ close the album in a big way, savage, dark yet wonderfully epic and before you know it, we are hearing the sound of grinding teeth as we willingly begin the journey once more. 


‘Age Of Excuse’ has managed to reaffirm our faith in one of Black Metals finest. We all thought it couldn’t be done again once we head ‘Exercises In Futility’ yet here we are saying the very same thing. If this is Mgła now, then we cant wait to see where this goes from here. Its exciting to be a Black Metal fan. Its even more exciting to be an Mgła fan.





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