REVIEW! Sacred Reich - Awakening

August 14, 2019


Slow and steady wins the race…


…said no one ever when it came to a new album by thrash metal maestros Sacred Reich who are back with their brand new album ‘Awakening’ that boasts eight of the finest thrash metal songs the band have produced to date. But thats not the only thing thats been brought to the table this time around. Returning member Dave McClain rejoins the band on drums after a whopping 23 years of pounding the skins for one of the Bay Areas finest Machine Head.


Its McClain who makes his mark early on with pounding drums opening up ‘Awakening’. Wiley Arnett wastes absolutely zero time in taking an opportunity to shred. Joining them shortly on with plenty of tasty guitar licks, Joey Radziwill, the second of our new Sacred Reich members who’s contribution on the album is far from insignificant throughout. 



The pace is set early on, theres no sign of slowing down as we make our way through ‘Divide And Conquer’ a track that oozes ‘old school’ with its 90s thrash riffs. Its anthem like chorus however will make it very easy for the fans of Bloodstock 2020 to sing along to, a common theme throughout the album. 


The whirlwind of thrash continues effortlessly as things progress. At this point the band have made it clear this isn’t a marathon by any means as the sprint to the finish line continues. The introduction to ‘Killing Machine’ is almost a nod to early Metallica with its marching snare work reminiscent to that of ‘The Struggle Within’ right before more riffs designed for those with a tendency to whip their hair about. Those people may just have found their new favourite album of 2019.


Guitars and drums gallop a hundred miles per hour as ’Revolution’ kicks in feeling like a final stand as we near the end of what has been one hell of a ride. Its a ride that feels like it ends on a less thrash note with ‘Something To Believe’, a song that whilst may not be strikingly similar to the seven tracks that came before, is almost a big stadium rock number with thick riffs and even bigger drums. If you just so happen to be into huge, undeniable feel good choruses, then this one might just be for you!


Sacred Reich make a much anticipated return with ‘Awakening’ out through Metal Blade Records, August 23rd







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