REVIEW! Slipknot - We Are Not Your Kind

August 13, 2019


Slipknot are back with one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2019 ‘We Are Not Your Kind’, an album thats been the talk of the town since its initial announcement. With insurmountable expectations stacked against them, as is always the case when a new Slipknot album is imminent, its safe to say, especially with every nugget of new music that surfaced weeks prior to release, WANYK may just be the best Corey & Co have put out in quite some time. 


its immediately clear that the agenda in camp Slipknot was to go big or go home because WANYK starts off in the biggest way possible. With the creepy sample driven noises on ‘Insert Coin’ leading fluently into the huge anthem-like hooks of ‘Unsainted’, the stage is set. The monster is officially loose. 


Its ‘Birth Of The Cruel’ though that is an interesting surprise early on. There are somewhat grunge driven vocal melodies as well as some of the heaviest riffs you’ll find on the album while remaining incredibly catchy. Its the first true taste of Slipknot exploring boundaries we hear, yet theres something still so familiar sounding to it all. 



There’s certainly an evolution to Slipknot’s new music that is evident throughout. ’Nero Forte’ gives us our first true moment of uncertainty with a chorus that upon first listen might upset some of the metal purists who failed to move out of their mothers houses before the age of 30, but upon subsequent listens these moments that are found throughout WANYK will not only be stuck in your head for days, but they’ll likely be your favourite parts when all is said and done. 


The latter half of the album sees ‘Orphan’ take all of those blisteringly heavy moments from all previous records and squeeze them into one savage six minute assault. Its an intense nostalgic nod to the early days proving the band are still more than capable and if that wasn't proof enough, 'Solway Firth' closes things in a seriously heavy way that will have you hitting that repeat button by the time the final note is played. 


If boundaries were previously being explored early on in WANYK, they are firmly broken by the time the album reaches its climax and theres clearly no apologies to be made. It works in all of its pissed off sounding glory. Its been a while since Slipknot have sounded this fresh and for the first time in years, we are already excited to see what comes next. 




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