REVIEW! Destruction - Born To Perish

August 7, 2019

The mention of German thrash conjurers up many an image in your mind, a pre-conception almost of what to expect. Often by many it is looked on as the lesser cousin of the Bay Area thrash movement, but this does a disservice bands like Kreator and Destruction who have stuck their heads above the parapet and become popular amongst the main stream thrash metal audience.


Destruction with a 37 year career have forged the way for many a German act to follow them. Already with thirteen albums under their belts, they now prepare to unleash album fourteen upon us this August, via Nuclear Blast. ‘Born To Perish’ is all set to take us by storm.


The album starts from the opening second going at 100 miles an hour. The album’s title track opens with a barrage of drums, like assault rifles firing upon the enemy, the sound battering your ear drums full force. The song is much the traditional German thrash fair, keeping pace that notch higher than their American counterparts, ferocious guitars and Marcel Schirmer’s vocals brash and to the point.



Throughout the album there is an undercurrent of black metal trying to seep through the thrash foundations. Lyrical content and dark vocal delivery on songs like ‘Betrayal’ giving the sound a darker feel, accompanied by the odd black metal riff sneaking its way in.


The aggressive perfection of the guitars flow through the entire recording. Brutally paced and delivered to perfection, the assault of the bass line is prevalent with the battering of the drums driving home the Destruction message.


Destruction have produced a possibly career defining album of thrash perfection. If you are new to this genre, or German thrash in general, then ‘Born To Perish’ is a great place to start.




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