REVIEW! Killswitch Engage - Atonement

August 6, 2019

Killswitch Engage are back with ‘Atonement’, a nice slab of American heavy metal that even the most casual fan could easily sink their teeth into. This time around however they’ve brought a couple of friends along with them.


Howard Jones joins his former band mates once more on ‘The Signal Fire’, an absolute banger of a Killswitch Engage track filled with plenty of the bands signature moments from shredding guitar riffs and solos, plenty of double bass drums and those wonderful Howard Jones vocals that are a nice nod to the bands past. 


That being said, theres plenty here for those who have loved the last two records that saw the return of Jesse Leach. ‘Us Against The World’ is a track that continues to follow the melody driven formula often found on both Disarm The Descent and Incarnate. Expect big riffs and even bigger vocal hooks that will have you by the balls after the first chorus. 



Testaments very own Chuck Billy stops by to say hello on ‘The Crownless King’ a track that could easily be an homage to one of thrash metals very best. With Chucks unmistakeable growling, Jesse’s screams and Adam’s stellar guitar work, Killswitch Engage have never sounded more thrash. Expect what may become a staple in the bands live setlist. 


Atonement has also seen the band take a short yet very sweet moment to address the subject of mental health in ‘I Am Broken Too’,  a track that has inspired an accompanying emotionally evocative video similar to that of 2013’s ‘Always’, and whilst lacking in length, the message contained within is huge and as relevant as ever.. 


Just as bold and energetic as its predecessors, Atonement is a statement. With every riff and hook, Killswitch Engage, all these years later continue remain as fresh and relevant as ever. We’ve listened to the evolution of this band, a transformation which has been taking place since 2013 and quite frankly, they’ve never sounded better. 


Atonement is out on the 16th August through Music For Nations.




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