INTERVIEW! Catching up with BOKASSA!

August 6, 2019

Bokassa have been the talk of the town as of late. Fresh off the release of another potential album of the year ‘Crimson Riders’ things couldn’t get any bigger for this once unknown stonerpunk trio from Trondheim, Norway. In fact their days of being an unknown band are over as they finish up a run of dates with none other than the mighty Metallica, something some might consider most metal bands dream. 


With Norway being an epicentre for seriously good music, how is it that Bokassa have managed to shine through above the rest?  For starters, their music speaks for itself. But as we talk to the band, theres a huge sense of humbleness. After touring with the likes of Metallica & Ghost most could let it go to their head, Not Bokassa though. Nope. Theres only one thing on their mind and thats getting back out on tour and grabbing their favourite supermarket meal deals. In fact, thats exactly what they plan to do before the end of the year. Dudes! What a difference a couple of years make eh? It only feels like yesterday we were plugging the shit out of ‘Divide & Conquer’, Now look at you!


Jørn: Haha, yeah, it has been an insane ride! Who would´ve thought! And Now Crimson Riders is out in all its glory. How has the reception been. I don't think we have managed to find anyone who doesn't like it!


Jørn: The reception has been great! We are really happy with how people have reacted to it, and also really nice to play some new tunes live again! We toured that first record for two years, and it´s nice with some new songs in there! Crimson Riders was fairly different to Divide & Conquer yet it was still undeniably Bokassa,

riffs and everything. Was that intentional? What were the main things you wanted to achieve and/or avoid going into it?


Jørn: I don't necessarily think it's very big step in another direction for us, however there is a big difference in sound this time around. But the most important thing for me this time was to have higher vocals so we don´t hide our melodies. I also like records to sound different and this time we went for a big rock sounding record, which I think we achieved. We also worked with a producer for the first time, Yngve Andersen, which was cool. I didn´t want to us to make the exact same record a second time, and I thing we succeeded with that! And how have these new songs been going down live?


Jørn: They've been going doing great, we have only played the singles, but people seem to dig it, and so do we! Speaking of live…METALLICA? I mean it really doesn’t get any bigger than that for a first major tour does it? Tell us about your thought process from the moment a tour with Metallica went from a possibility to the “holy shit its happening” moment.


Jørn: First it was just extremely surrealistic and exciting and we really couldn't believe that it was true, then when we finally recognized that it was in fact for real we noticed that the tour where only a couple months away so we practiced and practiced. But you really can't practice for something like this, it's just so big, bigger then you think when you just rehearse at your rehearsel space, haha. Nothing filled us with joy more than to see those big crowds in front of you on that massive stage. Bokassa playing in a stadium, thats really something.


Jørn: Haha, yeah! It´s quite the fairytale when you think of it. This underground band from Norway suddenly playing Europes biggest stadium. Insane. Which was your favourite date on that Metallica run and why?


Jørn: I think we all have several favourites, but one we can all agree on was Slane Castle in Ireland. That was just an unreal experience out in a field with a castle, the rain pouring down, and the crowd was so great. We love the Irish, and will hopefully be back there someday! No rest for the wicked though, you’re going back out on the road fairly soon, was that always the plan or have you just got the travel bug right now?


Jørn: Haha, yeah! That was always the plan! Can´t wait for that tour, it´ll be great to do our first headline tour in Europe! Especially looking forward to the UK dates so we can get meal deals with Irn Bru! Meal deals you say? Whats the meal deal of choice in camp Bokassa? 


Jørn: It Depends on who you ask! I prefer ham & cheese, Irn Bru and McCoy's flame grilled steak! Flame grilled steak! The crisp of champions! You’re hitting some cool UK venues too. The Underworld in particular is always a good one.


Jørn: That one is special! We´ve heard about that one many times, and when we played Boston Music Room in 2018 we actually went there to have a pint and just saw all of those posters of great bands who played there, so it´ll be an honour to visit the Underworld during this tour! Dare I ask whats coming next? Is it wrong of us to ask if theres another album in the works, because that would be just wonderful.

Jørn :Next year we´re hitting several festivals, and we are also doing some more touring in Norway. We are always writing and have several new songs already! So who knows!


Bokassa hit the road once again on the Riffs, Hooks, Breakdowns and Freedom Tour which will see the band play many venues across UK & Europe. Check below for a date near you and get your tickets now! 











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