August 5, 2019

Theres no time wasted in getting things started on Sunless, the new album from PSOTY (formerly known as Pet Slimmers Of The Year) which will hit shelves in September through Candlelight Records. Right from the very first note played, its a wild ride of riffs and vocals that would not be out of place on a Mastodon record. The difference here though is the quality in song arrangement. There are 9 long slabs of epic metal on this album that form one 50+ minute journey. Its explosive, vibrant and full of atmosphere yet somehow manages to be one of the heaviest things you’ll hear this year. 


If theres one thing PSOTY do infinitely well with Sunless its maintaining the sound of urgency in its stride. These are big sounding songs that, while lengthy in time, have plenty of moments that will have the hairs standing on the back of your neck especially those big meaty riff moments that can be present throughout in all the right places. If an ‘epic’ sound is what the band set out to achieve, then they have surely surpassed expectations.  



‘Oil Blood’, was the first track to surface from the album. its mid paced tempo will make it very hard for you not to nod your head. Its also features some of the less frequently found vocals that only add to the atmospheric and almost melancholic feel to the record. The sparse use of vocals on Sunless works perfectly as the band seem to have adopted a ‘when needed’ approach  which only sees them appear in those big moments for added oomph. 


But this isn’t heavy just for the sake of being heavy. ‘Queen Of Hades’ builds and slowly and erupts into one of the most musical moments on the album in an almost Bossk like way but better. This isn’t a thrash attack on the senses. Theres no guttural screams or blast beats. Theres no noise for the sake of being noisy. This is well structured, well paced and very musical throughout and whilst atmosphere was clearly the game-plan, the heaviness and energy of each track is undoubtedly maintained. Whilst there are an abundance of bands trying to do the same thing right now (and they have been for years), we may have just discovered a diamond in the rough and their name is PSOTY. 


Who knew?




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