NEWS! Cult Of Luna’s New Album “A Dawn To Fear” Due In September, “The Silent Man” Music Video Premieres

August 1, 2019

Cult Of Luna‘s new album “A Dawn To Fear” has officially been announced for a September 20th release on Metal Blade. With word of the new album comes a music video for their current single, “The Silent Man“. Speaking of what the band set out to achieve with this new 79 minute record, the band’s vocalist/guitarist Johannes Persson commented: “Going into the process, we knew the album we wanted to make, an antithesis of what we’ve done before. For pretty much every album there’s been a very concrete theme. We’ve known from the start the kind of story we wanted to tell, and I didn’t want that to be the case. I’ve seen a lot of subtle changes and patterns in my own behavior and my own thinking the last couple of years, and I wanted this to be a completely spontaneous process. I just wanted to see what came out of me, and ‘A Dawn To Fear‘ is the result of that.”


Pre-orders for “A Dawn To Fear” can be found over at The record will run as follows:


01 – “The Silent Man”
02 – “Lay Your Head To Rest”
03 – “A Dawn To Fear”
04 – “Nightwalkers”
05 – “Lights On The Hill”
06 – “We Feel The End”
07 – “Inland Rain”
08 – “The Fall”





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