LIVE REVIEW! Combichrist - The Mill, Digbeth

July 15, 2019

Birmingham has had one hell of a weekend, from Phil Anselmo, Raging Speedhorn, The Eagles and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones on Friday night, to an absolutely stunning performance from the new kings of live music Gojira on Saturday night. Whilst Sunday should be a day of rest, Birmingham proves there is no such thing. A handful of venues have even more live music tonight including Lynyrd Skynryd, but we are have chosen The Mill to take in Combichrist in what should be the perfect ending to a weekend of live musical entertainment.

There’s a relaxed atmosphere in the building tonight as fans socialise waiting for the only support of the evening to start. It’s been a long weekend but the enthusiasm in the room is not lagging, the fans cannot wait for tonights entertainment to begin.

The Alacrity are the industrial, electronic, synthpop offering from the mind of Jason Alacrity. Usually a three piece when performing live, tonight only vocalist Jason and drummer Miles Senzaki are on stage to perform, with guitar and sync duties falling to a backing track.

Jason a whirlwind on energy introduces the band and quickly sets off bouncing around the stage. Miles drumming performance outstanding, a whirlwind of flailing limbs batters the drum kick producing a throbbing beat, as the backing track melds industrial undertones with synth wizardry. Jason commands the stage and has a crowd eating out the palm of his hand by the end of a short thirty-minute set.

Combichrist are musically and visual different from anything you have ever witnessed. The five piece hailing

from Atlanta, Georgia, feature two drummers, a stunning light show and an industrial metal sound like nothing else. Andy LaPlegua, an enigmatic frontman, towers about the adoring crowd. The drummers set out a beat, it throbs, it pulses, it reverberates through to your very soul. Andy sets a vocal tone, haunting in delivery that encapsulates the performance. A majestic offering throughout the tireless hour plus set.

The band mix songs from their new album, ‘One Fire’, with their full back catalogue. Melding the styles they have developed across their career into a defining live performance which is closed by ‘Maggots’ and their latest albums title track. Combichrist may not be the top of your list when thinking about who you want to see live in concert, but they should be! They are one of those lesser known bands you need to take a gamble on, because they do not disappoint!

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