LIVE REVIEW! Gojira - Brixton Academy, London

July 9, 2019

A sold out Brixton Academy finds itself hosting one of the hottest and heaviest shows of the summer. Its an absolutely packed house with an aura of excitement bellowing throughout the venue. Anticipation is high whenever Gojira comes to town, but this feeling is something new. Its interesting. 


Dead Label promptly kick things off and are like a swift punch to the gut welcoming the sold out crowds as they make their way into the venue. The band were called upon to open the show replacing Black Peaks who unfortunately due to illnesses had to cancel the rest of their appearances on this tour. Regardless Dead Label and their barrage of modern metal are more than a worthy replacement, Confident and bold rising to the occasion when needed. Rolo Tomassi though are somewhat of the anomaly on the lineup with their mashup of experimental rock/metal. Tomassi are brilliant in their execution of their music enough to win over most if not all of the fans in the room by the end of the set. Its a whirlwind of chaos from start to finish. 


It’s Gojira though that turn things up more than a notch. Something they are very well used to doing at this point

Having taken Glastonbury Festival by storm days prior, this sold out crowd erupt into a frenzy one only sees at a Gojira show. Those who know, know. Those who don’t are in no better place to find out who the kings of heavy really are. 


But even for those familiar with what a Gojira show entails, tonight is different. Tonight is on a whole other level. This is a Gojira becoming the monster it was always destined to be. Its infectious, taking over each and every one of us one by one. Song by song. 'Oroborus' is a mesmerising start with the light show the band have brought on tour with them. Its the calm before the storm however as things get ridiculously heavy. ‘Backbone’, ’Stranded’ and ‘Flying Whales’ are undeniably crushing early on. With plenty of fire and pyro too, the venue is turned from a warm room to a furnace straight from the depths of hell with one incredible soundtrack. 


The setlist progresses and the temperature increases. ‘Silvera’ and ‘L’Enfant Sauvage’ are huge and elicit the crowd responses a Gojira show has become well known for. With bodies spilling over the barrier one by one, security are put to work and are certainly earning their pay cheques tonight. 


If one thing is certain, Gojira are not going anywhere any time soon. After continuously selling out venue after venue, we wouldn’t be surprised if this band start appearing as festival headliners over Europe. This world belongs to Gojira and if tonight is anything to go by, something tells me they are far from finished. 



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