LIVE REVIEW! Hatebreed - Electric Ballroom, London

June 29, 2019

Hatebreed have been no stranger to the UK shores as of late.  Its only been a few months since we last saw them on a packed out tour featuring Kreator and Dimmu Borgir. So imagine our delight when they announced that very night that they would be back this summer as a part of their 25th anniversary celebration featuring a full headline set crammed with all of your favourite Hatebreed hits. 


It the Electric Ballroom that has the honour of hosting such event and in the heart of Camden town a mass of Hatebreed Tshirts fill the streets and lead you to the birthday celebration with no need to ask who is playing and where. 


An early and quick start sees both Dyscarnate and Broken Teeth deliver two blisteringly beautiful sets of which both bands are slowly but surely becoming known for. But without a shadow of a doubt, it’s Hatebreed who come to the stage armed to the teeth with what what can appropriately be described  as a greatest hits setlist blasting confidently through many fan favourites from start to finish. Notable mentions go out to tracks such as ‘To The Threshold’, ‘Destroy Everything’ and A ‘Call For Blood’ that stand tall in a set filled with absolute bangers and monster levels of energy that frontman Jamey Jasta does well to create in his usual ever so charismatic ways.


Of course it wouldn’t be a celebration of 25 years without a few golden oldies crammed in for good measure. 1997’s ’Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire’ gets a look in with the tracks ‘Before Dishonor’, ‘Last Breath’ and ‘Empty Promises’ all of which have aged gracefully to become some of the most well received Hatebreed songs live. With a promise of a new album next year from Jasta himself, things are brought to an end with the loudest sing-a-long of the night. ‘I Will Be Heard’ creates an explosion of activity both on and off the stage like no other and closes things with a bang. 


It’s a warm sweaty Saturday night at the ballroom and Hatebreed, just like the last 25 years,  do absolutely nothing to help cool things down.



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