REVIEW! Bokassa - Crimson Riders

June 5, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, they’ve only gone and done it again. Bokassa, one of the most exciting bands to surface in the last five years are back with the follow up to ‘Divide & Conquer’. And they’re coming armed to the teeth with some huge new songs. Take note, the self proclaimed kings of stoner punk are here and they’re not going anywhere.


This is ‘Crimson Riders’, and quite frankly, its fucking brilliant. 


Its not surprising the band have seen a much deserved increase in popularity after what appeared to be a glowing endorsement from Metallica sticks-man himself, Lars Ulrich who informed the world that Bokassa were his new favourite band and if that wasn’t enough? How about an invitation to one of the biggest tours of the year performing alongside Metallica and Ghost. Its no wonder that it feels like the band walked into this new album with heaps of momentum and confidence, something that oozes all over this collection of new songs.


It all begins with with ‘Brologue’ a broody intro that paves the way for so many riffs that come thick and fast But our first real taste of the new Bokassa however comes from ‘Charmed & Extremely Treacherous’. Yes, those Kylessa style riffs are back once more but this time the band are bringing massive hooks paired with anthem-like ‘whoas’ that will be stuck in your head for days. 



Its interesting to see the evolution of this band at such an early stage. Bokassa have kept all the things that made ‘Divide & Conquer’ absolutely wonderful and yet somewhat managed to pile in even more brilliance. Even then, just when you think you have it all figured out, a saxophone solo in ‘vultures’ prove that Bokassa are not afraid to try new things when it comes to their magnificent mashup of stoner and punk rock.  (note: we know! A sax solo in a stoner punk rock song sounds terrible, but trust us, listen to it, its bloody awesome)


Its all fun and games with ‘Captain Cold One’ a song that has already seen the light of day with a brand new video to boot. Its humorous lyrical content and catchy choruses could well be the feel good hit of the summer you’ve all been waiting for and it only feels right paired with a couple of ‘cold ones’. A stand out track on an album full of stand out tracks. 


And when all good things must come to an end, Bokassa ensure they close in the biggest way possible with continuation of the bands space opera ‘Immortal Space Pirate 2’, The first of which can be found closing the bands debut album. Its wild ride from start to finish concluding what is a massively diverse album filled with many different influences, the perfect ending and what should without a doubt be a proud contender for album of the year. 




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