REVIEW! Death Angel - Humanicide

June 4, 2019

Death Angel are something of an enigma when it comes to old school 80’s thrash bands. Much like many of the others, they went their separate ways in the early 90’s as the genre was destroyed by the upsurge in popularity of grunge, amongst other things. Like many others they also reformed in the early 00’s to rekindle their popularity of the past. So far the tale much like many of their contemporaries is the same.


But this is where the similarity ends. Many of their contemporaries have written new music, released new albums, but most of those have fallen flat. Gigs are well attended but fans want to hear the old music, not the less popular new material. Death Angel have been very different in that respect. Their albums since reformation have all garnered critical acclaim, with their last album The Evil Divide being possibly their career high.


The fans have lapped up their new released too, shows have sold out and as a crowd pleaser new material dominates the set lists. They have set themselves apart from their contemporaries and melded well into the modern day scene keeping their old school following and growing it into a new generation.


Hence it is with much anticipation that we await the arrival of Humanicide here at The Revival’s offices. Their latest opus release on Nuclear blast this May!


Opening with the title track, its exactly what we expect from Death Angel, anthemic guitars squeal through the minute log intro before Mark Osegueda screams us into the body of an epic opening song one bound to be an instant classic.

Working with Jason Suecof at Audiohammer Studios for the fourth album in a row has kept the bands unique sound and atmospheric feel intact. Songs like Define Defector have a darker feel, almost early day Slayer in song writing and with Marks haunting voice on top adding layers of thought provoking horror thrash!


Aggressor and I Came for Blood mix the sound up drawing on inspiration from a New Wave Of Heavy Metal era long since departed. Aggressive, but less intense in subject matter and feel. Chugging guitars frolic through tunes that could have risen from the fret board of Phil Campbell!


Paying tribute to their loyal fans, old and new,  The Pack is a song penned just for them and about them. “This is a call to arms” Osegueda calls out as the songs pounding beat will no doubt have fans fists pumping at live shows whilst the chorus is the ultimate thrash sing alone experience.


Overall Death Angel have yet again proved they are more than at ease in the modern heavy metal world. The album, whilst maybe not as good as 2016’s The Evil Divide, is certainly a contender for album of the year and we can’t wait to catch up with them at Bloodstock this summer.


Death Angel release Humanicide through Nuclear Blast Records on May 31st




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