LIVE REVIEW! Fit For An Autopsy - Mama Roux's, Birmingham

June 4, 2019

Tonight we head back into the legendary Birmingham venue Mama Roux’s as one of the hottest tours of the year rolls into town. Two critically acclaimed young acts are taking the metal world by storm and have teamed up for a trek which is set to go down in the annals of history as a tour you just had to be at to be believed.

The face of death metal as a genre is changing, their are a new breed of bands coming through, ripping up traditions and making their own. Fit For An Autopsy and Venom Prison are just two of those bands making waves across the world. Tonight they join forces to bring

a tidal wave of destruction to deepest darkest Digbeth.

Up first on the bill are Justice for the Damned, an Aussie outfit who have been doing at home what the other bands have been doing both here and across the US. The five piece immediately get the crowd moving, bringing ferocious riffs and juicy blast beats to the fore. The small venue throbbing to their tunes for a destructive half an hour.

South Africans Vulvodynia describe themselves as a “slam death bulldozer” and that’s a pretty accurate description. “Come on Birmingham let’s get this thing going you f*cking pussies” is an interesting way to introduce yourselves to the crowd. Dark bass lines protrude forth as dank riffs fill the air and Duncan’s gruff, throaty lyrics batter your ear drums.

Venom Prison have been touted as the saviours of British death metal and their latest album, much like their debut, has received critical acclaim across the board. In the live arena, the band live up to the expectations set upon them. The exhilarating 40-minute set brought forth with brutalising riff after riff but lead by Larissa’s ever haunting vocal performance. Softly spoken between songs, the devil within comes forth during a

performance that sets them a cut above the rest of the billing tonight. A wonderful set and yet more proof, if any is needed, that this is the future of the scene.


By the time we are ready and waiting for the headliners in this small Birmingham venue, the atmosphere is electric. Fans waiting with baited breath for the New Jersey lads show to start. With an ear shattering scream we are off the band opening up with 'Hyrda' and 'Heads Will Hang'. The raucous pit gets moving as we suffer wave after wave of full on riff assaults. There’s not much room on stage in the small venue but the band use every inch, bounding round as the fans move in unison with the aggressive noisy onslaught. 


Fit for an Autopsy provide the perfect closure to a night that tore up the death metal rule book and wrote us a new one. The new, youthful face of the genre was on show here tonight in Birmingham and we loved every minute of it.

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