LIVE REVIEW! The Black Dahlia Murder - The Underworld, London

May 2, 2019

Its not even been a year since we said hello to the arrival of yet another savage and beautiful album from non other-than Metal titans The Black Dahlia Murder. With the band having been as busy as ever there hasn’t been many a festival bill or tour that hasn’t somewhat featured them coming through your home town. That being said, the response to their regularity on the touring circuit has yet to diminish and tonights show at The Underworld is no different.  In fact The Black Dahlia Murder live at The Underworld feels like it offers many all too familiar scenarios with the venue practically being a home away from home for the band. Naturally its completely sold out and has been for weeks.


Making our way into the venue, one thing is sure. Its warm. In fact you may be forgiven for thinking you took a wrong turn in your journey and ended up at the sun. Its so warm in fact, the instant fog on our camera lenses renders our equipment useless for a duration of the set which takes The Underworld from 0-100mph in 5 seconds as ‘Widowmaker’ makes for an absolutely epic start to the nights proceedings with everything looking effortless from all members all the way through 19 of the most vicious sounding tracks the band has to offer in the back catalogue. Sure, its a Nightbringers-heavy set list as expected, its no bad thing but other favourites from the past are well represented too with seminal record ‘Nocturnal’ getting a good look in with fan favourites ‘Everything Went Black’ & ‘What a horrible night to have a curse’ of course being included. 


Between Alan Cassidy and his nippy double bass patterns and slamming blast beats through to Brandon Ellis and his sweeping melodic solos - every member of The Black Dahlia Murder pulls their weight with what looks and feels like absolute ease not even being put off or distracted by the production line feel of crowd surfers throughout the show that at times doesn’t even stop when the music stops. Its a level of chaos that only feels like it belongs here, on this night, with this band and this sold out crowd. Its magic. 


And of course if you don’t believe it, watch for yourself! 








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