LIVE REVIEW! The Quireboys / FM - Steel Mill, Wolverhampton

April 30, 2019


Rock and roll returns to Wolverhampton! For far too long the city’s main concert venues have been closed but tonight a new venue, already catering to the metal community, opens its doors for the first of many rock and roll shows! Rock legends The Quireboys and FM bring their combined tour of the U.K. to a close at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton. The venue owned by none other than Judas Priest legend KK Downing.


The four band bill starts early, the sun still shining through the skylights as Vega take to the stage. From the first beat of the drum front man Nick launches himself into the air to kick off a set filled with energy and enthusiasm. Luscious guitar licks drive the thirty-minute performance that has the sparse crowd early doors dancing away.


Next up are Norfolk boys, Bad Touch. The up and coming bluesy rock outfit storm the stage and with no introduction fire into an awe-inspiring set. The gravely vocals of Stevie hit the mark atop a fusion of blues rock guitars and elements of jazz in the bass line.


As the first of the co-headliners hit the stage the room is now packed to the rafters for this long-anticipated tour. The two bands prior may be the up and coming gritty face of rock and roll, but FM are the silky smooth refinement of decades of recording and performing. From the off they mean business, Steve Overland commanding the stage and wielding the mic stand through ‘Breath Fire’ and ‘Bad Luck’. The keyboards of Jem Davies add depth to the sound and the fans feed off it. 


From the whole room clapping along throughout ‘Does It Feel Like Love’ to the sing along of ‘Killed By Love’ the fans are fully involved, attentive and asking for more. But after a full hour it is all over for FM. They will be returning to the venue later in the year so those in attendance won’t have too long to wait.


To round out a wonderful evening, it’s the turn of The Quireboys to entertain the crowd. The band have a storied history from appearances at Donington in years gone by to a majestic set at Stonedeaf

Festival in 2018. And now they grace the hallowed stage of KK’s Steel Mill.


Spike, the British Steven Tyler, wanders to centre stage adorned is his trademark head scarf and launches into ‘I Love This Dirty Town’. The set is the ultimate in greatest hits for any self-discerning Quireboys fan.  From ‘There She Goes Again’ through ‘Mona Lisa Smiled’ Spike has a smile from ear to ear and he spins the mic stand above his head barely missing his fellow band members.


For a full hour they entertain us with rock and roll wizardry, pitch perfect performances and a majestic stage show. By the time they’ve closed out with ‘Sweet Mary Ann’ and ‘7 O’clock’ its hard to believe their hour and a half is up. The standing ovation well deserved as the first out and out rock show at KK’s Steel Mill is brought to a close.

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