LIVE REVIEW! Bloodstock M2TM - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton Heat #5

April 9, 2019


We’re back at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton for the fifth heat in this years Metal 2 The Masses competition. The eventual winner, to be crowned in June, will win a converted slot at Bloodstock Festival, playing to 20,000 fans alongside the likes of Sabaton, Scorpions and Parkway Drive. Quite the competition prize!


We’ve already seen the best part of twenty bands compete and nine bands take up semi final births. Tonight four more bands compete with two more semi final slots up for grabs.


First up are Crows & Crosses, a Kidderminster based five piece playing music the way we like it... very very loud. Hard rock meets heavy metal with absolutely no frills. From the off Nick's vocals grab you; dirty, gritty and flowing with plenty of passion. Snarling guitars dual and heavy bass lines throb in wave after wave of thunderous rock and fucking roll. The band are a great way to kick off the evening and set the bar high for those that follow.


Exiles are next up to take on the challenge laid out before them. The melodic hardcore metallers are up for the fight. Utilising samples to their fullest they create an atmosphere within which their music thrives, setting the scene for the onslaught of noise to come. Two very technical guitarists lay waste to our ears whilst Andrew's throaty vocals and dramatic stage presence seals the performance.















To mix it up a bit we have our first grunge band of the competition so far in Chaosaroma. Full of energy and enthusiasm, front man Josh bounces around the small stage in between his melodic yet punky vocals. Incorporating influences from Green Day to a strong hint of Soundgarden they have the audience in the palm of their hand throughout the short seven song set. They’ve put in a performance that will surly give the judges food for thought later on this evening.


Final band of heat five are the uniquely titled Going Down On The Lansing strip [although I understand they will soon be shortening their name to just 'Landing Strip'], make of their name what you will. Their sound lives up to the eccentricity of their title, the trio obviously take a good dose of Primus as their influence. Led by David, the self titled “Twat in the Hat”, his groove laden bass lines and quirky lyrics entice the listener in whilst the guitar work of Ryan steadies the ship and drives the sound forwards. Ever wanted to hear a song purely about jam (the fruit based condiment)? Well these boys deliver with a song dedicated to the subject! This band are the brain child of three geniuses who may never breach the defenses of popular music but here in this room of one hundred souls they have one a plethora of new fans.


Its a tough one to call tonight, we've seen four unique bands of outstanding quality. But when the votes are counted only two can progress and its Crows & Crosses and Exiles who move on in the competition.

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