REVIEW! Best new music this week - a round up!

April 5, 2019


With a large number of new releases out this week its hard to chose what to listen to first. We’ve been through and bring to you a selection of releases from lesser known artists we think you’ll enjoy checking out.


Obiisss – Female Fronted is Not a Genre [EP]
Release date: 05.04.2019

Obiisss are a new outfit, brought to us from the musical mastermind that is Paul Kenny (Mistress, Kroh, Fukpig). Paul, never one to stand still, takes this project in a different musical direction than we’ve seen from him previously. This isn’t dark, nasty or aggressive, this is grungy and in your face.


He’s teamed with Holly Johnson (Dark Mother) on vocals and the dynamic partnership has produced something that grabs your attention. From the opening lyrics of ‘Bro (not feeling you)’ “Come over here and take a look, at your reflection dickhead, you’re being a fuck” you can see where their message is headed. ‘Bro’ is angsty, punky and reminiscent of L7 in places, but with a fuzzy guitar sound that’s just magical. ‘Vague’ has a different feel, thunderous toms behind Holly’s luscious voice delivered at a slower pace grabs that 90’s gunge feel with a mix of Joan Jett and gives it a lyrical twist.


The three song EP is a strong statement of what is to come, a full length album will be much anticipated later this year. We highly recommend you check them out, you will not be disappointed.





Left For Red – Human Complex
Release Date: 06.04.2019

What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of Left For Red before? Where have you been? The band have been paying their dues, doing the rounds for a few years now. They’ve had major festival appearances, played to big audiences and even opened for Metallica playing the pre-show event at the Genting Arena (as was) a couple of years ago. On the 10th anniversary of their formation they release the long-awaited album Human Complex.


From the very off LC’s vocals grab you; powerful, melodic yet hard hitting. Their riffs dripping with groove metal goodness. From the dark opening of ‘Dancing With Misery’ the atmosphere created builds, their sound builds and entwines to sucks you in. ‘Switchblade Romance’ smashes you in the face, the unexpected increase in tempo, firey riffs and all round assault on the senses. 


The album covers a range of lyrical topics, emotions, mental health et al and feeds into the albums title the Human Complex. If you like out and out heavy metal, from Maiden to Black label Society these boys are right up your street and come highly recommended from us here at The Revival.






Atorc – Under The Raven Banner
Release Date: 04.04.2019

The most vibrant and enticing music scene at the moment is that of folk metal. The genre covers a plethora of influences musically and has produced some of the stand out releases of the decade so far. Atorc are the latest in a long line of bands breaking through the scene and brining it to the mainstream. 


Under The Raven Banner, released on 4th April, tells a wonderful story a days past, historic battles, tales of drinking, women and warriors. The title track to the album kicks us off with gusto, reminding me of Amon Amarth in nature but with added keyboards and a strong violin presence. The strings give the sound of the band depth and a steer away from the norm. ‘The Mead Hall’ stands out, a wonderful drinking song, as you would expect from the title. Powerful musically and accompanied by the talent of Helbard’s vocals through which he channels Bruce Dickinson, close your eyes and you can hear the Iron maiden front man in your voice. If folk metals is your thang, or if you want a good entry point to the genre then look no further than Atorc.

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