LIVE REVIEW! Kamelot - O2 Academy, Birmingham.

April 3, 2019


We head to Birmingham for an evening of power metal wonderment. Kamelot bring their Shadow Theory tour of the U.K. to a close in the countries second city; the trek in support of the bands 12th studio album, of the same name. With the start time ridiculously early for a Friday evening the queue of fans snakes around the city centre in the sunlight waiting to get into their sold out show.


With the room full at barely 6pm we know we are in for a treat this evening. Kamelot’s live show never fails to impress, we saw that ourselves during their awesome Bloodstock appearance last year. But what can the two support bands bring to the table? Visions of Atlantis and Evergrey will no doubt be here to try and win over some of the Kamelot faithful.


Opening the evening are Visions of Atlantis, and despite the early doors the room is packed for them. Their

first tour of the U.K. has brought out their expectant fans base. Symphonic metal with female/male dual vocalists bouncing off each other and ultimately complementing each other. Their short set provides inspiring guitar solos but powerful vocal harmonies to drive home their own style. Clementine’s vocal solo towards the end of the set is mesmerizing visually and acoustically and draws a standing ovation from the packed house.


Offering a completely different perspective are Gothenburg’s Evergrey. Straight out of the gates they are heavy and aggressive, dark guitars sound threatening as they rumble through their imposing intro. They offer melodic undertones, and are musically progressive in places, their sound expansive, drawing you in. Front man Tom Englund is an imposing figure and this comes through in his powerful performance. There are no theatrics, no frills, no lighting wizardry, they are a band delivering stunningly expansive and powerful metal and the fans are lapping it up.


At barley 8pm its time for the headliners to take to the stage kicking off with Phantom Divine from the bands latest album. A powerful number to start the evening and featuring, for the first of many times tonight, Lauren Hart (of Once Human) on guest vocals.


Tommy Karevik is commanding as a front man, vocally unmistakeable, the man never drops a note as he

bounds around the stage and into the audience. Whilst Tommy commands your attention it’s the musical wizardry behind him that keeps you enthralled; Youngblood’s guitars and Tibbetts bass entwine with melodic keyboards through a career spanning set that leaves even the non believes a little moist and wanting more. 


A stunning duet from Lauren Hart and Clementine (Visons of Atlantis) on Sacrimony is majestic, but not the finale. As the band close out with Forever and Liar Liar. If you are a power metal fan, tonight Kamelot have put on a show of ages, if you are not, you still cannot help but loving the show you have just witnessed. Kamelot have proven they are still top of their game.

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