LIVE REVIEW! Bloodstock M2TM - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton Heat #4

March 27, 2019

For the forth successive week KK’s Steel Mill in the depths of Wolverhampton is awash with denim and leather clad punters as Bloodstock Festivals Metal 2 The Masses competition heats up. For the forth round of competition four local bands will compete with the top two bands after fan voting progressing to the semi finals. Come August one of these bands could be gracing the hallowed turf at Catton Hall performing at the UK’s number one metal festival.


In tonight’s battle of the bands Rustlung are up first. A band that you may be familiar with if you followed our HRH Metal coverage a few weeks ago. They are down right heavy and open with a riff straight out of the song writing handbook of Tony Iommi, if you were in any doubt, these boys are Sabbath inspired. But they are heavier than the god fathers of metal, with vocals that put Ozzy to shame! For half an hour our bodies are battered with a mix of heavy guitars, bass and drums that make you weep. These guys are brutal and put on one hell of a show.


Next up are Cancel Tomorrow a more melodic outfit from Birmingham. Mixing hard rocking heavy metal licks with exquisite melodies and snarling guitar solos. The band offers a complete juxtaposition from Rustlung and a welcome variation that will give tonight’s judges much to ponder.


Mystiek draw the biggest audience of the night so far, a factor that may well lean in their favour come the fan vote later on. They mix elements of hard rock, heavy metal and even grunge all of which gives some depth to their aura. An energetic set of hard knocks and vibrant sounds, they’d be an excellent fit for the Bloodstock stage, but will the fans vote that way?


To close out tonight’s battle hardcore/metal/punk crossover act Dead Mob take to the stage. The young foursome full of energy from the off battle through technical difficulties to pull off the set of the evening. Brutal guitars and monstrous vocals produce an all out assault on the senses. Despite their youth they are a tight nit group feeding off each other and the audience to give us the ultimate end to the evening.


For the fourth week in a row it’s a tough choice for the fans and judges alike. Who should win the honours of the evening and go forth to the semi finals? The vote is close, so close in fact that it's a tie. With the deadlock unable to be broken, three of tonights four bands progress to the next round. Congratulations to Rustlung, Mystiek and Dead Mob, and commiserations to Cancel Tomorrow who were unlucky to miss out.

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