LIVE REVIEW! Bloodstock M2TM - KK's Steel Mill, Wolverhampton Heat #2

March 9, 2019

We’re back at KK’s Steel Mill in Wolverhampton for heat 2 of the regional Metal 2 The Masses competition, where one lucky winner will join 30 others from around the country in gracing the hallowed turf of Bloodstock this summer alongside Parkway Drive, Sabaton and the Scorpions. Tonight two of the five bands will progress to the semi finals. A step closer to winning that sacred festival slot.


The first band out of KK’s hat to perform tonight are Recall the Remains from just down the road in Telford. Out of the blocks immediately with a huge sound. Angry, aggressive and full of energy the five piece waste no time in making their mark on this competition. Collins throaty angst mixes perfectly with bassist Barnes more melodic vocal backing to provide the focal point on which the technically excellent band can build. It’s a great start to the night and one that will be hard to top.


Severn are next up, a band that first cross our path late last year. Featuring explosive hard rock riffs they bring an electric atmosphere to proceedings. Without the rough edges that a heavier band may bring the sound is easy on the ears, well rounded and delivered to perfection. Strong mellow vocals accompany the hard rocking guitars rolling through five minute epics with the ultimate ease and giving an outstanding performance. But will it be enough to progress to the semi finals?


It’s safe to say just two weeks ago we were blown away by Elyrean at HRH Metal and so we are duly expectant of great things tonight. The four piece thrashers didn’t fail to disappoint us, verging on death metal at times but thrashy to the core. Majestic guitar solos thrown into a mix of outstanding song writing and all topped off with an almost note perfect performance. If you are a thrash metal fan these young lads deliver on mass. It’s safe to say we are big fans, but will the judges and fans voting agree?


After a few minor technically difficulties, Tear It Down eventually take to the stage. The out and out heavy metal band, with whiffs of hair metal licks in places and more harder rock in others but definitely 80’s influenced. Driven by a youthful vigour the band put on a solid performance which had many of the crowd dancing away especially when the blues rock number “Bad Girl Blues” is rolled out.


They say don’t judge a book by its cover, and so it also goes don’t judge a band by its name. I certainly wasn’t expecting Parson City to be the purveyors of sludgy wizardry that they are. The Black Country trio brings things down do earth with a deep dark drone. Baselines that vibrate your very soul and a twist in the vocals thats adds depth to the sound. The heaviest band of the evening mix elements of Crowbar and Corrosion of Conformity to doomy perfection.


But now to the decision making. The judges conferred and the fans casts their votes. From our vantage point it was a tough decision. Progressing through to the semi finals are Recall the Remains and Elyrean, on tonights performance a fair result, but all five bands put on one hell of a show. We'll be back again next week to see what delights heat 3 throws up!

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