LIVE REVIEW! HRH Metal: Best Of The Rest - O2 Academy, Birmingham

February 23, 2019

Whilst the big names on the main stage are the big draw of HRH Metal and indeed what most ticket sales are built from, the festival runs three stages over two days with just under a hundred playing the weekend. Away from the main stage we've taken a look at some of the other bands playing over the weekend and there were some hidden gems in there!


Opening day one on stage 3 were Elyrean, a Cannock based band drafted onto the bill as a last minute replacement. However, they turned out to be one of the discoveries of the weekend. Describing themselves as melodic technical thrash, they display a more death metal aggression. Beautifully aggressive riffs to kick off this fantastic weekend and get all our heads banging! 


Pelugion first crossed The Revival’s path back at Bloodstock. The Coventry trio have come far since then going from strength to strength off the back of that high profile and critically acclaimed performance. At HRH Metal they pulled out all the stops to build on their foundations, as 500 fans packed into the second stage to see just what they have to offer. Infections riff, inspiring vocals and an all-round fabulous forty minutes.


With At Dawn We Attack we expect one hell of a show and without fail Bryan and his gang of merry men deliver. The Midlands noisemongers musically put on a show of sheer aggression, but it’s the show as a whole that draws everyone’s attention. From wrestling moves onstage to circle pitsoff it, things start going crazy, then we have crowd surfers in the smallest room in the festival followed by a stage invasion. We knew things would get messy and sure enough Hancock and co delivered with perfection.


For the second time in as many weeks The Revival are catching up with the black country’s finest purveyors of stoner rock, Eyes of The Raven. Having opened for Orange Goblin last week they are now high up on the bill of the opening day of HRH Metal. The stage is full to bursting as they come on and for forty minutes its a throbbing set of booze fuelled heavy fucking metal. Groove laden riffs create a raucous atmosphere as the crowd bound along, heads banging and fists pumping through to the end.


Leicestershire’s Seven hells provide grove laden riffs of absurd aggression. Circle pits open in the small room housing the third stage and the band themselves provide more entertainment than we've seen all weekend. A wall of sound blasts out from on stage as hardcore meets metal in a meld of gut-wrenching perfection.  


Stoner merchants Master Charger are a welcome addition to the bill and the big draw early on day two. Heavily inspired by our lords and saviours Black Sabbath, the trios down and dirty bass lines and John

James’ gruff and ready vocals are just the thing to blow away the early morning hangover. The Revival have long been fans of Master Charger and with this performance things are not going to change any time soon.


These were just some of the highlights from the three stages over the full weekend, with so many bands we simply couldn’t cover them all. Honourable mentions given by us to Netherhall, Internal Conflict, Blood Oath, Ward XVI, Left For red and more who all were outstanding. The great thing about this festival is the promotion it gives to the up and coming bands. Giving them that platform to get noticed by a wider audience, increase their fan base and ultimately progress their careers. Long may HRH continue to do this and we encourage you all the check each and every one of these bands out. 

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