LIVE REVIEW! Behemoth - O2 Kentish Town Forum, London

February 12, 2019


Something wicked and entirely evil comes to the Kentish Town Forum on a cold and bitter Friday night. Inside the venue however is an entirely different story as one of the hottest tours of the year rolls through town leaving nothing but darkness and devastation in its wake. Behemoth have been enjoying some serious momentum as of late, somewhat of an anomaly when it comes to death metal and the mainstream. But the fact of the matter is, 90% of those in attendance tonight are already inside the venue ready and waiting with baited breath for the first of what could easily be three headlining acts.


Of course, they do say the best things come in three’s and Wolves In The Throne Room provide no exceptions, playing the first three tracks from 2017’s incredible ‘Thrice Woven’ in somewhat of a ritualistic fashion, incense and all, Wolves In The Throne Room prove that they are the flag bearers in today’s modern Black Metal world with a nefarious sound so big its hard to ignore and ignore it, the crowd did not with their herculean applauds for an exceptionally brilliant band. 


At The Gates plough through their set at 100mph. Its an immediate attack of biblical proportions and what seems to be a whirlwind of activity on stage is multiplied off of it as the fans reciprocate to those favourites we all know and love. Whilst the band still know how to do it live all these years later, Anything from the seminal ‘Slaughter Of The Soul’ album still manages to electrify the room in ways most other bands cant. Tonight is no different. 


Its a tough old time to be a death metal band in today’s world and whilst theres absolutely a market for it, Behemoth selling out a 2,300 strong venue in the heart of London is quite a feat, it only seems right the band comes armed with as much firepower as possible in the form of air cannons, pyro and more importantly gargantuan songs that fill the room with absolute might. From the  opening intro ‘Solve’ blaring over the PA to a projection of an upside down cross over the United Kingdom, the anticipation in the room is colossal as the band emerge from behind a black curtain blasting straight into ‘Wolves Ov Siberia’.  


Its quite an opening statement and one thats entirely fitting for what is without a doubt Behemoths biggest UK show ever. But its clear from the offset, the band didn’t just come to coast through a set. From their multiple outfit changes and perfectly placed pyrotechnics to a very engaged light show from start to finish. Its their star studded lineup of hits makes it very difficult to lose any kind of interest as songs such as ‘Chant For Eschaton 2000’  & ’Slaves Shall Serve’ brings old Behemoth into the year 2019 sounding as savage and as modern as ever. If Behemoth were ever to be considered the unstoppable titans that their reputation has previously alluded to, that time would definitely be now. 




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