LIVE REVIEW! Mastodon - Brixton Academy, London

February 1, 2019

Ok, we are just going to come right out and say it. Mastodon are one of the greatest live bands you will ever see. Period. Add one of heavy musics most notable to the equation and you’ve got yourself one hell of an explosive night of live metal you could possibly see this year. Only London’s Brixton Academy could contain the force and energy that is both Mastodon and Scott Kelly together on the stage. But did we really expect anything less? 


Before detonation however, What would a Mastodon tour be without its usual incredible support. There are some heavy hitters here tonight providing the punters the most bang for their buck possible. Stephen Brodsky of ‘Cave In’


fame brings the noisy and enjoyable Mutoid Man to the stage to kick the evening’s carnage off.  Its easy to understand the whirlwind af chaotic sounds created by this trio when you look at the members involved along with their rich history in bringing this music to the stages over the years and whilst they may open to anything but a packed out house, those in attendance and as well as those just arriving are given a treat. 


Kvelertak are a standout act as soon as the play button is pressed. If you were oblivious and living under a rock, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this was their own headline show. There are absolutely no prisoners taken as its clear the band are swinging for the fences as they make their way through their performance. Vocalist Ivar Nikolaisen, only having taking over front man duties for a mere few months, owns the stage on and off, having joined the crowd for the duration of a song screaming into the faces of those who are happy to reciprocate. Absolute carnage from start to finish.

Mastodon are their usual brilliant self, if not better than we have ever seen them. All of the technical intricacies of their songs shine bright on the big Brixton stage for there are zero bung notes, missed beats or incorrect lyrics. This is a band who only know perfection when performing and its an absolute treat to witness. 


An impeccable performance isn't the only treat Mastodon bring on this cold winters night in London however. The temperatures may be dropping fast outside but things are heating up inside as the band make their way through a monstrous 20 song strong setlist. With the bands vast back catalogue well represented, the second half of the set see's the man himself, Scott Kelly of Neurosis fame join the band on stage much to the delight of all in the room. Crystal Skull, Crack The Skye and of course Blood and Thunder are notable highlights of the night for what appears to be an all out celebration of all things Mastodon. 



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